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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Republicans Have Gotten Out-and-Out Scary

fear mongering Republican presidential candidates Ben Carson, Do

The Republicans need to lose and lose big this Fall, in the elections, so they hopefully learn lessons and then "come down off the ledge", so to speak, and rejoin the rest of sane, mature, intelligent, educated, far less-emotional America.

It's not about their political party being wrong and ours being right, either.

This is about their calling for the opposing candidate to be killed, etc., etc. They've gone off a very dangerous and deep end.

This, I think, is what we get for ugly, emotional, out of control hate and rhetoric from Right Wing radio and TV. It's what comes from having killed the "Fairness Doctrine" in our media, years ago.

"Tom Tomorrow", as usual, has these people, and their convention, down. You should see all three of these.

This Modern Convention: Day One

And while Mr. Tomorrow is satire, there are extremely accurate, legitimate and even true descriptions of what has happened, what has actually taken place at this nearly insane and certainly irresponsible political  convention.

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