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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Donald Trump's Republican National Convention, Night II

New York supporters eager to represent Trump at convention

Every time a candidate for national political office promises he's going to rebuild our military, as Trump just did, I want to scream.

Suddenly, according to Mitch McConnell, they're "Clinton Democrats."

I love this.

Every time Mitch McConnell comes out to speak--twice tonight--he's booed.

I love 'em.

Republican, just now, on Hillary Clinton, says she would be a continuation of the status quo.


The first woman president. Ever. In the history of our nation.

Got it.

Now Chris Christy tells us Hillary is for Syrians, not Americans, not America.


That convention hall isn't full.

Nowhere near it.

Compare, in a week, to the Democratic convention.

Trump's oldest son has made fun of Harvard and Wharton schools and students and "fancy colleges" just now.

And not just once but twice.

"Everyone can prosper, together."

--Donald Trump's oldest son, tonight at the RNC Convention.

They just need to be given a million dollars to start their career like his father.

Donald Trump's oldest son says his father wants us to have the same opportunities his own children had.

I'm hoping he has all our mailing addresses to send the checks.

What you don't know about this Republican National Convention tonight if you've only watched TV, possibly, is that there were fights in the hall, among the Republicans, by different people, fighting for their states' votes, protesting the results of the vote and how their states votes were recorded.

Donald Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., says a President Trump (shudder) will see to it all advance, not just the "crony elites at the top of the heap."


Really. He has to stop. He's killing me.

That this evening's theme for the Republican National Convention is "Make America Work Again" is, once again, rich.

It's been the Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate, in Washington, that have, since 2008, since President Obama was first elected, that have blocked an jobs and/or infrastructure bills for the nation. Americans need the jobs, our infrastructure, heaven knows, needs the updating and improvements and the economy, then to now has needed the boost.

But not one, not one jobs bill from this Republican Congress.

Finally, at long last, someone on TV news mentions that the convention is grossly under-attended and the convention center largely under-filled.

And the ones that are there are in deep disarray.

People are being shot and killed in our city, our cities, our state, our region and the nation in small and large numbers, daily yet we still have candidates of all stripes, saying they're fighting for "gun rights."


How many more gun rights do we need?

Isn't it clear it's "gun rights" that are getting all these people killed?

And they don't see this?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They were chanting "Lock Her Up". Doesn't she need to be tried & convicted of a crime, first?

They sounded like a lynch mob.