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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Eric Greitens Has Started Getting Into Trump Territory

Eric Greitens, Republican, far Right Wing candidate for Missouri's next Governor (shudder) is starting to send out messages that he's very like Donald Trump. That is, not just wrong but misguided and downright scary. His latest TV ad got me both scared and even angry.

President Obama, the "worst President of (his) lifetime."

Forget that President Obama helped bring us back from the worst economic downturn in 8 years since the last Great Depression.

Forget that President Obama saw to the saving of General Motors which has since come roaring back, saving literally millions of jobs. 

Forget that the stock market has gone to new highs during his Presidency. Forget that employment has gone WAY up during this same Presidency.

Forget that the deficit has shrunk, actually, factually shrunk during our current President's administrations.

Deficit shrinks by $1 trillion in Obama era

Forget and ignore that 20 million more Americans have health care insurance than used.

More Americans Than Ever Have 

Health Insurance Coverage

And then ignore or forget that, because of "Obamacare", America is spending far less on health care.

Health spending post-Obamacare seen 

$2.5 trillion lower 

And a lot more. 

Yeah, forget all that. 

Just call President Obama the worst President in your lifetime, completely forgetting the laws broken by Ronald Reagan and the nationally and internationally illegal war George W. Bush got us into in Iraq, by his choice and lies. 

Then, also forget that the same George W. Bush totally and completely ignored his Daily Presidential Brief, warning him Osama bin Laden was planning and preparing an attack on our nation, resulting in over 3000 lives lost that fateful day, 9/11. 

Forget, too--if you ever even knew it--that George W. Bush flew planeloads, literally planeloads of our own money, US cash, straight from the Federal Reserve into Iraq after he "liberated it", only to have it squandered because, yeah, that really happened.

So, yeah, if you forget and ignore all that and a lot more, I guess you could come to the rather bizarre, slanted and misguided conclusion that President Obama is the worst President of your lifetime.

It isn't President Obama and his work and his successes, his personal ones and his successes for our nation, that I find offensive.

It's Eric Greitens and his ads and lies and all like him and any who believe this scary nonsense.

Be afraid, people. Be very afraid when people like Donald Trump and Eric Greitens and heck, for that matter, Catherine Hanaway and others like them are all out there, successfully getting money from the wealthy and corporations, just so they can peddle their extremist, Right Wing fear and even, yes, lies.

Better yet. Get out there and vote.


1 comment:

Sevesteen said...

Government meddling in the economy is more likely to do harm than good. Obama's meddling is second only to the Great Depression...and both sets of meddling delayed recovery by years.

GM would have survived in some form, although likely smaller. There are plenty of car factories in the US--at the time we were well over capacity in auto manufacturing. Those factories, owned by companies that didn't drive themselves into bankruptcy would have taken up most of the slack. Rule of law is important to financial stability. Instead of following the rule of law, it was "important enough" to violate the law, change the order of creditors. So now future investors won't know the risks in investing in a company that has value but is troubled. And remember this is the same thing that essentially gave Chrysler to Fiat.

The stock market should go to new highs for every president, if it doesn't there's something seriously wrong. Again, without interference it would have likely gone even higher. The deficit shrunk mostly due to the sequester, which both you and the president have objected to.

It's too early to decide of Obama is the worst so far, we've had so many bad ones to choose from. If he does turn out to be the worst, he's likely to lose that title early in the next term regardless of which frontrunner wins.

From what I've seen, Trump has spent little money--Instead of paying for publicity, he does silly stunts and makes outrageous speeches. If money made that much difference, you'd be complaining about another Bush right about now. Why does Bloomberg get a pass, with all the money he spends all over the country influencing local elections?

I'll vote, and barring a miracle, I'll keep my perfect record of never voting for a winning presidential candidate.