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Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Convention Compared to the Next

US President Barack Obama smiles as he arrives to address the final night of the Democratic National Convention at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 06 September 2012. Obama accepted the nomination to run for a second term at the convention.  EPA/TANNEN MAURY

Think about next week. Think about the Democratic National Convention, just days away from now.

What a contrast.

No hating.

No calling for the opposing candidate to be hung.

No calling for the other candidate to be executed.

Far less fear, if any at all.

People of color, minorities, far as the eye can see.

The convention hall is full to capacity.

There's excitement and happy anxiousness for it all to begin and take place. 

And jokes. There will be humor mixed in, like there hasn't been at all, this week, from Cleveland.

At least one former President will be on hand to see and be seen and speak because Democrats aren't embarrassed by, nor need to be of their former Presidents.

And the sitting President gets to come out and speak and so many are looking forward to it.

And why shouldn't they? Why shouldn't we?

More people in our nation have health insurance than ever have before.

We got out of Iraq. (Well, mostly).

We've cut the deficit. Yes. Really.

Deficit shrinks by $1 trillion in Obama era

We've added more jobs, millions more jobs, since the horrible 2008 election and economic nightmare, with 248,000 added just last month.

Not one true scandal out of this White House and/or administration in these 7 years. That's pretty huge.

In fact, there's plenty for Americans to be both happy and proud of.

So yeah, bring on this Democratic National Convention.  Let's put things back in perspective.

Let's let the adults take back over the narrative.

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