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Friday, July 15, 2016

The US Congress: Best Job in the Nation

US Congress rejects amendments to cut funds for Pakistan

Yes, I have to say, being a member of our own US Congress has GOT to be the cushiest, most over-paid, vacation- and benefits-laden job in the nation, at least, if not the world.

I've been thinking this week about Congress since they are, yet again, about to go on "recess."

A seven week recess, no less.

What's a recess, you ask? We don't have those at my work.

Why, that's what you call vacation when you're otherwise too embarrassed to be going on yet another. And the great thing is, like your own pay raises, you give them to yourself!

Herewith is a list--partial, I'm sure--of just why being a Congressional representative, House or Senate, has got to be one of the best, if not the best job in the world.

As said above, you create and give yourself, both your own pay raises.

Congress Votes Itself a Pay Raise

Even if things are going badly for the nation, for your constituents, you can give yourself a pay raise. Hey, whatta' they gonna' do?

You create and give yourself your own vacations, as mentioned above.

Worst Congress Ever: House Republicans Refuse To Vote But Give Themselves More Vacation Days

How many days vacation this year, 2016, you ask?

Congress: No Paid Leave For You255 Paid Days Off For Us

To put all those vacation days in perspective:

Here's How Much Less Congress Works 

Than You

Name recognition gets you re-elected, usually for as long as you want the job. And why wouldn't you?

People hate Congress. But most 

incumbents get re-elected

If you're already in Congress, it's easier, far easier, to get campaign contributions.

91% of the time the better-financed 

candidate wins

You have a FANTASTIC pension plan. And again, you created it yourself and gave it to yourself.

How Your Retirement Package Compares 

to Members of Congress

You have a great paycheck, of course.

Congressman's Lament: $174,000 Isn't Enough To Make Ends Meet

You have an expense account. And like your vacations that have another name, you call it something else.


Insider trading is 100% legal for members of Congress, and they refuse to pass a law that would change that. Naturally.

Congress Quickly And Quietly Rolls Back Insider Trading for itself

At this point, more than half of those “serving the American people” in Congress are millionaires.

Get elected to Congress and get rich: study

In 2010, the federal government spent $33,387 on the hair care needs of U.S. Senators.

In 2010, U.S. Senators pulled $72,370 out of the “Senate Restaurant Fund”.

In 2010, U.S. Senators took $166,673 out of something called the “Senate Gift Shop Revolving Fund”.

Basically, let's face it, you're above the law.

Finally, amazingly, really, for all the pay and recognition and benefits, you don't really even have to do your job.

Congress is a dysfunctional messHere’s why you should want to work there anyway

Our US Congress.

What's not to love?

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