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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another Scary, Right Wing Republican Candidate, Part II

There doesn't seem to be a shortage, especially this election year, of very, again, scary Right Wing Republican candidates running for office both statewide and nationally. Here, absolutely, is yet one more.

If he isn't a former military pretty boy who wants to wear--and is--his scary, nationalistic patriotism on his sleeve, then I don't breath air. He makes vague promises of "change" in his ads and that he will help us "take America back" but makes no specific policy stands whatever in all the ads of his I've seen.

Check out this headline from Mr. "I'm Going To Do Things Differently":

Eric Greitens Nabs Single Largest 

Campaign Contribution in Missouri History

    And then check out this little beauty. He frequently describes himself as a government "outsider." Yeah, he's outside government, all right. Heck, he's outside Missouri.

    Greitens' campaign mostly funded 

    by non-Missouri donors

    What's scary is that, besides being obviously handsome which, unfortunately, can get people like him votes, he's also a Rhodes Scholar, so he's clearly bright, but also, as mentioned a million times, at least, a former Navy Seal. That's one Hell of a package for an opposing candidate to go up against.

    Vote blue, Missouri. Vote blue but vote.

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