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Monday, June 27, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- New

New, fresh, very fun talent.

Welcome to Triplets Ghetto Kids Official site

The Brexit Mess

The sky isn't falling, of course, nor do I think it will but with the UK having their rather significant vote a few days ago, it seems a good deal came out of it, both nationally, for them, as well as for the world. Herewith are a few headlines of examples from the weekend so far.

Pound takes a beating, markets in tailspin 

after British vote to exit E.U.

It would be bad enough if it only hurt the UK but then there are the damages it did on this side of the pond, of course.

And then there are the world markets it hit:

And not bad enough it hurt the UK--and its allies--quickly, it also gave its enemies cause for celebration:

There were some glimmers of hope, fortunately. On this first one, it seems millions of Brits want a "second shot", a second vote on this whole Brexit idea. They have misgivings about the turnout.

On this one, lots of UK business leaders and investors think the populace will dismiss the idea outright:

So at this point, I and a lot of us are just hoping some good, somehow, comes of this vote they had. We shall see. It would be nice if they rethought it, had yet another election, and voted it down.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

There is an old insult people used to throw around. It went like this--if you didn't like someone, for whatever reason, they would tell them "May you live in interesting times."

Between Donald Trump running for the Presidency and this Brexit vote, someone must have had it in for humanity about now.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- In and Out

In and out of New York Harbor, in 2 movies, years, decades apart.

The Shameless Catherine Hanaway

Catherine Hanaway is rather famously running for the position of Missouri governor this year. She's backed by moneybags, government- and legislator-buying, St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield and her latest TV ad is just, as I said above, shameless.

She's back to the same, old, very tired Republican campaign tactics of running a fear-based campaign and it's not just disappointing, it's disgusting.

It's also a lie.

Missouri is not, in fact, in any way "lawless" or getting close to devolving into any state remotely resembling lawlessness. Not even close.

The ad mentions rioting in Ferguson, totally ignoring the fact that an American was killed, needlessly in that city and that the area is shown, statistically, to have police incidents that target blacks for arrests and prosecution.

Justice Department finds racial bias 

in Ferguson police

If there were any true "lawlessness", it might well be in the Police Department itself. And if not lawlessness, then certainly not just injustice but gross injustice.

I wrote about this some time ago, Rex Sinquefield and his clear, even blatant attempts to buy this political race and election, outright, as well as other legislators and elections:

Missourians, you and your government 

are being bought---and sold

Not satisfied to merely buy---and own---Missouri's governor, Mr. Sinquefield is also trying his utmost to also buy himself his own---our--Lieutenant Governor:

Here's more of Mr. Sinquefield's political handiwork:
So let's be clear here, Missourians, let's be aware:

--First, our state is no way devolving into anything remotely close to "lawlessness.

--Second, these are just ugly, in our face fear-mongering tactics on the part of Ms. Hanaway and it's very typical, Republican campaign tactics we should no way fall for;

--Third and finally, Rex Sinquefield is, again, trying to buy his own government representatives and so, our government, our legislators.

Let's not fall for any of it, Missouri. It's shameful, again, all of it, ugly, and very clear attempts to scare us into voting Ms. Hanaway and people like her into government office.

Quotes of the Day -- Sunday Edition


"Religion. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable."

"Faith: Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel."

"Sabbath - a weekly festival having its origin in the fact that God made the world in six days and was arrested on the seventh."

"Impiety. Your irreverence toward my deity."

Friday, June 24, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- Best

One of the best, if not the best, intro to a movie ever.

US' First Solar Roadway?

Yessir. America is going to get its first solar roadway. A road, made of electricity-generating solar panels is coming to our nation, at last. And guess what state is getting them?

Why, it's little old Missouree.

America Is About to Get 

Its First Solar Roadway

Check this out:

Solar roadways are coming to the most famous highway in the United States — Route 66.

The simply named Solar Roadways, an Idaho startup run by husband-and-wife team Scott and Julie Brusaw, developed the technology and has entered a partnership with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to install their durable solar panels at a rest stop in Conway, Missouri, along the famous road.

The Brusaws achieved some viral fame through their Indiegogo campaign and the accompanying video, which garnered over 20 million views on Youtube and netted $2.2 million in donations for further development on the project.

The panels are roughly 70 pounds each and hexagonal, made of tempered glass that has the strength to hold cars and trucks and a tractioned surface that performs similarly to asphalt. According to the company’s website, the panels contain “LED lights to create lines and signage without paint heating elements to prevent snow and ice accumulation,” in addition to producing clean energy.

The company has been developing the technology through donations and grant programs and has passed two previous tests with federal highway officials prior to this latest project with MoDOT...

The world's first roadway has done extremely well:

So here's to you, Missouri. Leading the way into a cleaner, smarter future. We won't just leave that to the state of California any longer.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Little-Known Kansas City History

Early Kansas City home, possibly belonging to Bernoist Troost. Slave cabin in rear.

To dispel any notion that Kansas City was anything but a Confederate city, one has only to take a look at the town settlers. The first company, formed in 1839, consisted of 14 men and was spearheaded by John C. McCoy, William Gilliss, and a fur trapper from Kentucky named William Sublette. Town founder McCoy, according to the 1850 census, owned five slaves at his home on Pearl Hill. Gilliss, born in Maryland, was a slaveowner. The 1850 census shows he owned three male slaves, ages 18 -36. Although banished by Ewing in 1863, Gillis was allowed to stay, perhaps due to his age, wealth, position in the community, and by showing evidence that he had freed his last slave in 1862.

Fry P. McGee was a son of early settler James Hyatt McGee of Kentucky, reputed to have brought the first slaves to Kansas City in the late 1830’s. The 1860 slave census shows that Fry McGee, his brothers and his mother owned slaves. Jacob Ragan of Kentucky arrived in Jackson County in 1837. He was a known Confederate and was included on at least one of the Provost Marshal’s lists of “bad men.” William Miles Chick was born near Lynchburg, Virginia. He came to Kansas City in 1836. Chick, too, was a known Confederate and was one of the Provost Marshal’s “bad men.” Chick’s warehouse was located next to Jesse’s on the levee. Both were burned by Union soldiers in 1862. Col. Chick was was John C. McCoy’s father-in-law.

Five men of the 1839 company were farmers and slaveholders residing in Blue Township, Jackson County, just east of Kansas City:

Oliver Caldwell arrived in Jackson County in 1833. He farmed at Blue Valley and organized the Christian Church in Independence. The 1840 census shows that he owned 9 slaves; the 1850 census shows Oliver 58, wife Ann 54, 3 children 17-24, and 11 slaves.

George Washington Tate arrived in Westport in 1838. He became a Missouri state legislator in 1842. The 1850 census for Blue Township identifies Tate as a 53 year-old merchant, residing with his wife Lovey 46, and 3 children 14-27 and 1 male slave, age 15.

William Collins was a Kentucky native who lived in Liberty. The 1860 census for Liberty Township shows him with 4 slaves. James Smart of Virginia was a farmer who came to Jackson County 1834 with his brother Thomas and became Jackson County judge in 1846. He was a founder of the Christian Church in Independence and was Oliver Caldwell’s brother-in-law. The 1850 census for Blue Township shows Thomas 53, Nancy 48, and 3 children aged12-20. The 1860 slave census show that he owned 15 slaves.

Russell Hicks of Massachusetts came to Jackson County around 1827. He was a teacher, lawyer and judge who was called “one of the most eccentric members of the Kansas Town Company.” After the war he practised law in Sedalia and was counsel to Senator Thomas Hart Benton. The 1850 census places Hicks, 65, in Blue Township with two female slaves, ages 4 and 23.

The vast majority of the personal wealth in Jackson County prior to the war was contained among men who had been born in Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. These men and their families supported the Confederacy and its institutions. The children of the original town members were coming of age during the years leading up to the Civil War, as were the children of the thousands of southern settlers who came to Jackson County in the 1840’s.

--Text by John Dawson

Friday, June 17, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- The Big Picture

Yes I understand
That every life must end, uh huh
As we sit alone
I know someday we must go, uh huh

Oh I'm a lucky man
To count on both hands
The ones I love
Some folks just have one
Yeah others they got none, uh huh

Stay with me
Let's just breathe

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Top Benefactor of the NRA?

Check this out from Missouri's own The St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

donation recipient in Congress

So no one, no one takes more money home from the NRA than our own very Republican Senator Roy "You Got Money for Me" Blunt.


If fewer innocent Americans are shot and/or killed any time in the near or far future, it doesn't look like any solution will be coming from this Senator, no surprise.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

One More Shooting and Slaughter of American Innocents

Coincidentally and eve ironically, I got this political cartoon from none other than the Salt Lake City Tribune.

What All These Mass Shootings Are, After All

Let's be clear.

Please, please contact your Congressional representatives now, today or soon as possible and tell them we need, we must have required background checks for mental stability and criminal history, both, coast to coast and soon as possible.

If we avoid even one killing, let alone one mass shooting, we will have advanced as a people, nation and society. No other nation in the world has this problem to the extent we do here in our own United States. Now is the time to talk about this. It's long past time. In fact, it's long, long overdue.

Do it today.  And thank you in advance.

Religion May Well Have Brought Us, Once Again, to This Mass Shooting

There are actually not just some times but many in which religion, which is to otherwise espouse love and love for humanity, has brought us, yet again, to this horrific slaughter of innocent American lives in Orlando, Florida today where 50 people were gunned down and at least 53 maimed.  Check out this recent video from Orlando dated April 16 this year.

Check this out. This is from Orlando and just this past April.

This is not an assault on my part against the Muslim religion nor Muslims nor followers of Islam. My position is that this man, above, in this video is deeply wrong and irresponsible and calling for murders.

Let's be clear on this, too. The shooter last night was a coward. A coward with a gun.

He was angry because he saw two men kissing. 

At a gay bar. Imagine that. 

So rather than confront them, he got weapons and gunned innocent people, innocent Americans down. 

He was a freaking coward. As so many of these people are.

Then there's this:

This is proof right here so no one can claim background checks for mental stability and/or criminal history can't stop at least some of these killings and slaughters of American innocents. If even one life is saved, let alone one mass shooting is avoided and lives are saved, we've made improvements.

We need to get busy, everyone. Please contact your Congressional representatives and tell them we need, at minimum, required background checks for all weapons purchases in the nation, for mental stability and criminal history. No, it won't stop all these shootings and killings and maimings, as I said, but if we at least reduce them, we've advanced as a people.

Thank you, in advance.

Humankind's Obscenity Of Private Property

I learned of this years ago and could not agree more. I didn't realize Rousseau was on to this, a Frenchman and from proper French society.

Solidarity's photo.

So many--most people, I think--don't get this. There would be no poverty nor need for it, if we had never adopted this roping off property and locking people out. Africa wouldn't be racked with poverty if we remained more communal, as just one huge and glaring example.There wouldn't be the glaring wealth and obscene poverty, also.  It will never be undone, of course, but if we'd never gone down this road, humankind would have been far better for it. Native Americans knew this as another simple, even perfect example.

Breaking This Morning: Yet Another Mass Shooting

Breaking news, just now:

Approximately 50 people are apparently killed this morning in yet another mass shooting. This one in Orlando, Florida.

And yes, it's been confirmed the gunman had and used an assault weapon. It's being called the worst mass shooting in our nation's history.

This on top of another shooting this weekend:

'The Voice' Singer Christina Grimmie 

Dies After Shooting

How long, America?

Side note:  This should actually be able to help our own Mayor James and each and every city mayor and police force in this nation in possibly, if not likely, getting tougher gun laws. We'll see, of course.

Confronting Mayor Sly Over Gun Rights Crackdown

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Waldo Tonight

Unless this is your thing and you're going, you may want to avoid the Waldo area this evening.

Well, avoid it unless you're a police officer on duty tonight, anyway.

Have a great weekend, y'all.

Mayor James on a Saturday Morning, for a Good Cause

Our own Mayor James was out and busy early this morning and for a good cause.

While the rest of us were relaxing or having coffee or sleeping late or just enjoying our Saturday morning, our Mayor was out, full suit and tie and all, in this warmth and humidity for a good cause. No Kid Hungry Kansas City held a fund-raising bake sale this morning in Brookside. To both support them as well as be available to we citizens of the city, there he was, Mayor James, talking with whomever came up and on whatever issue.

And for what it's worth, this same charity has another fund raiser tomorrow in case you'd like to support it and them and missed this morning.

Have a great weekend, y'all.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Quote of the Day -- Impossible

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. 

Impossible is potential. 

Impossible is temporary. 

Impossible is nothing.”

Muhammad Ali

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- Incredible

Incredible, new, up and coming singer/performer.

"My Last Employee" (Guest post)

My Last Employee
That's my last employee standing there,
Protesting, wet and cold, and wondering where
His pension went. And how his former pay
Let's stop and watch him standing with his sign,
Decreased in buying-power, he cannnot say. 
Queuing in the unemployment line.
Nation it is to keep his wages low 
He cannot say because the GOP 
Has taught him how important to a free 
So I have monthly profits I can show,
I know that look -- as if you'd like to ask 
Creating rising prices for our stock 
By unemployment lines around the block. 
How I can sleep at night with such a task.
Or worker's rights! I’m planning how to slash 
I sleep just fine. And better than that guy, 
Who worries whether someone such as I 
Should care about community, not cash, 
Expenses sending more jobs overseas,
They work their unpaid overtime and bring 
Replace the rest with contractors like these 
Illegals I have found that I can cheat 
With deportation threats. They scarcely eat! 
Enormous profits -- more than anything
American workers just don't understand 
Before. And this guy and his fellows hate 
The cheaper workers coming in the gate 
Instead of Wall Street, me, my 
Board, or staff. 
You'd cry if money didn't make you laugh.
The Chairman of my Board's known munificence 
We take advantage of them with our brand: 
The right to work, and don't pay union dues, 
They medicate themselves with food and booze. 
Drive on, driver. It’s nearly time to meet 
The company directors. I repeat,
Your acquiescence to our acquisition, 
Is ample warrant that no just pretence 
Of yours to get a golden parachute -- 
You’ll see how I can play him like a flute -- 
Is likely to be disallowed; I'm sure 
You'll like the package offered to secure 
And me ascending to the top position. 
That Dale Chihuly cast in glass for me. 
Drive on! I hope you notice as we go 
The leather seats recline -- and watch the glow
Of flowers in the dome light, a rarity
That Dale Chihuly cast in glass for me.

The Current, Nearly Unbelievable Presidential Election

Donald Trump speaks nearly exclusively of why Hillary is wrong for America.

Hillary Clinton only talks of how Mr. Trump is wrong for America.

Senator Bernie Sanders is the only one talking about what we, as a nation, need to do for Americans and America, about our problems, our challenges and solutions.

And there's a question of for whom we should vote?


Quote of the Day -- Sunday Edition

Jay Nault's photo.