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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Unprecedented, Even Outrageous Presidency That Already Is Donald J. Trump, One Week In

Okay, end of week one of the Trump Presidency, weekend number two and what do we have yet again?

This was last weekend.

Women lead unprecedented worldwide 

mass protests against Trump

There were, as I pointed out earlier, an unprecedented number of protests not just all across the nation, which I don't believe ever occurred before, but all across the world, as well, and on all 7 continents. 

So here we are, one week later and he's done it again. First, across the nation.

Then, again, once again, across the world.

Image result for international protests against trump

It's important we both know and keep in mind that all of these protests are, in fact, not just unprecedented for even a US President but especially a just-inaugurated President. Two weekends in a row of protests in the home nation and across the globe and we're only 9 days in to the administration.

Lots of us across the nation predicted a Trump Presidency would be turbulent. None of us, I think it's safe to say, thought it would be this much. It seems clear it's going to be a far wilder ride with this man, this Mr. Donald J. Trump than we would have ever imagined.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Emotionalism, Narcissism, Irrationality and Xenophobia Abound

Tom Tomorrow has it right. Still. Some more.

Thank Goodness for KCPT's Lily White Weekly Talk Shows!

Image result for kcpt ruckus

I saw a late edition of KCPT's "Week in Review" last night and as I said, thank goodness we have KCPT and their 2 very usually lily white and nearly completely all male talk shows, "Ruckus" and "Week in Review."

Image result for kcpt week in review with nick haines

On last night's show, it was, yet one more time, all men--except one token woman--and all bleached white.

Ain't it great?

I mean, who else is going to tell us how things are? Who else should tell us how things should be?

Well, middle-aged and elderly white, largely Right Wing--at least on "Ruckus"--males, men, of course!

It's just the way it should be, isn't it?

Heck, on "Week in Review" they even imported the panel leader from England! How fantastic is that?

None of those pesky "people of color" or minorities!

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Besides, there was that one segment last evening toward the end of the show where they squeezed in a very brief story and mentioned now-deceased Royals player Yordana Ventura.

Who says they don't have minorities on KCPT's news programs?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Entertainment Overnight -- MTM


She sang, she danced, she did comedy, she did serious drama and acting. She did it all and wonderfully, beautifully.

Thank you for all of it.

You'll be missed. Very missed.

Rest in peace and godspeed to you.

Seems The New York Times Is Mocking and Having Fun With Our New President

This article came out today on President Trump from, yes, The New York Times.

It’s No Trump Tower, but White House Has ‘Beautiful’ Phones

Even the headline itself but it is, apparently, an actual quote. They seem to be emphasizing how simple the new President is and how simply he thinks. Some examples, I believe (italics and bolding added for emphasis):

“These are the most beautiful phones I’ve ever used in my life,” Mr. Trump said in a telephone interview Tuesday evening.

“The world’s most secure system,” he added, laughing. “The words just explode in the air.” What he meant was that no one was listening in and recording his words...

His mornings, he said, are spent as they were in Trump Tower. He rises before 6 a.m., watches television tuned to a cable channel first in the residence, and later in a small dining room in the West Wing, and looks through the morning newspapers: The New York Times, The New York Post and now The Washington Post.

But his meetings now begin at 9 a.m., earlier than they used to, which significantly curtails his television time. Still, Mr. Trump, who does not read books, is able to end his evenings with plenty of television.

I love this, on the Times part:

“They have a lot of board rooms,” he said of the White House, an apparent reference to the Cabinet Room and the Roosevelt Room...  (So, a "lot of board rooms" is two. Two. Kudos, Times).

His preference during the day is to work in the Oval Office. And to stare at it, still...

Among modern American presidents, Mr. Trump may be best situated to work where he lives. For decades, he has lived in a penthouse apartment on the 58th floor of Trump Tower and taken an elevator down to the 26th floor, where he has a corner office with views of Central Park. Many presidents have complained of being cooped up inside the White House — George W. Bush in particular said he missed the outdoors — but Mr. Trump can go for days without breathing in fresh outside air...

“It’s a beautiful residence, it’s very elegant,” Mr. Trump said, deploying one of his highest forms of praise.  
(Some of their critique is, I think, more subtle than others, as with this one. Fair, also, but subtle).

They finished up in, I think, again, the subtlest of ways but still critical and even stinging. Stinging, that is, if you get it.

“There’s something very special when you know that Abraham Lincoln slept there,” Mr. Trump said. “The Lincoln Bedroom, you know, was his office, and the suite where I’m staying is actually where he slept.”

Mr. Trump was referring to the White House master bedroom, which is now his own.

“Knowing all of that, it’s different, than, you know, just pure elegance and room size,” Mr. Trump said. “There’s a lot of history.”

So at least if we're all going to Hell, at least we can laugh, along with the Times, on our way. Funny thing is, too, he'll never get it unless one of his staff, maybe, tells him.

What isn't to loathe about the man and what he intends is to enjoy for the humor, guffaws and laughter.

Day 5 Of This New Administration

What he did most recently.

Who can say what to expect next? There's nearly no telling.
Links:   Trump Tracker

Welcome to the "It's All About Me" Presidency

Our new President (it still stuns me to say that), Mr. Trump is still, still, to this day, pushing the outrageous and proven untrue idea that millions of illegal immigrants voted against him, else he'd have won the popular vote.

We're only less than one week into this Administration and already he's inflicting turmoil in Washington, across the nation and world, in fact, with his paranoia and insecurities.

Undaunted Trump seeks probe of 

debunked voter fraud claim

Here's the ugly, even scary truth of the matter:

Trump’s disregard for the truth threatens his ability to govern

Apparently, this helped get him riled.

White House sources say Trump was ‘visibly enraged’ at the size of the Women’s March

It must come from his TV viewing.

White House Sources Say Trump Was 'Visibly Enraged' at the Size of the Women's March: Report

He wouldn't take intelligence briefings, prior to becoming President but he would, apparently, watch lots of television.


Meanwhile, he's far too slick for our national news media and he's getting off easy.

In fact, this is starting to look Fascist, no exaggeration.

Four More Journalists Slapped With Felony Charges for Covering Inauguration Unrest

And look what he's doing to our own EPA.

'It's Day 4 and It's Already Happening': Rachel Maddow Sounds the Alarm on Trump's Science Gag Order

And here's Mr. "Small Government", Conservative, "Get Government Out of Your Life" Republican President Trump:

What, exactly, does "send in the Feds" mean? Isn't that martial law? Really? That's what you want?

And due to Mr. Trump's bravado, China is now arching its back and bristling their fur.

It's going to be a long and, I fear, scary, turbulent four years, ladies and gentlemen and it's only just begun, we're only less than a week into it all.

As I keep saying, God help us.

As ever and always, Tom Tomorrow has it right.

Somebody Call Osawatamie On This Guy

He's still at it. He's still pushing for light rail. Here in Kansas City. From his home in Virginia.

And now this.
Image result for clay chastain

Clay Chastain sues Kansas City officials and his own attorney over light-rail failures

I'm sure Mr. Chastain's attorney guaranteed him a successful outcome, aren't you?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The First 48 Hours of the Debacle That Is the Trump Presidency

¿Quién le teme a Donald Trump?

How we've begun, how they've begun, in the first two days, the first 48 hours of this new Trump presidential administration. It's at least as bad as we thought/said it would be.

It had an historically low turnout, in terms of Americans being there for the inauguration.

Furthermore, the Women's March on Washington, the next day, was far larger, by multiplications.

Not just scientists but our own, the nation's own, now President Trump's own Secret Service says the inauguration was small.

Seems not that many of us wanted to even watch on television, either.

TV ratings for Trump inauguration far lower 

than for Obama

And not just a little bit lower TV viewership, either.

Mr. Trump himself misrepresented, if not out and out lied, about the numbers and the people there.

FACT CHECK: Trump overstates crowd size 

at inaugural

Apparently this is okay for a Republican president to do. Can you imagine if Barack Obama was caught lying to us all in the first two days of his presidency?

It was followed by yet more lies on those numbers attending by Mr. Trump's White House Press Secretary.

Trump Spokesman's Lecture on Media 

Accuracy Is Peppered With Lies

Mr. Trump then went to the CIA and gave a really awful speech to staffers there and again, attacked the media, along with trying to talk himself up, "bigly" and repeatedly.
Former Director of the CIA John Brennan was stunned and would have nothing of it.

Former CIA Director John Brennan Was 

'Angered' By Trump's CIA Visit

Trump's new Press Secretary, Mr. Spicer, then also scolded the media for "misrepresenting"---read: reporting---the low numbers.

Trump Press Secretary Slams Media 

Over Inauguration Crowd Size

There were protests, for the first time in the nation's history, against Mr. Trump and his presidency.

Protesters rally against Trump 

around the nation

There were protests, again, for the first time, across the globe, famously, in cities across nations, across the planet, against Mr. Trump and his presidency.

PHOTOS: Millions of Women March 

Against Trump on All 7 Continents

Meanwhile, just as we both feared and, in worst cases, predicted, Mr. Trump and his family are, in fact, trying to capitalize on his being in the White House, on his being President. They're prostituting the White House itself and the office of the Presidency.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens of America. The first 48 hours of the Trump Presidency. Only the first 48 hours and the lies and lying and misrepresenting and hell, even the prostitution and hustling of the nation has begun.

Thanks, once more, once again, Republicans.

This will no way get better.

(Who is afraid of Donald Trump?)

Signs of Hope, In Spite of This President and Congress

What so many of us need just now, hope. Hope of any and every real, tangible sort. So here you go, here we are:


Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times as Many People as Trump’s Inauguration

Pictures From Women's Marches 

on Every Continent

Even local signs of hope, literal and figurative.

So let's not lose hope, folks. We have to keep working. We have to keep fighting. We have to stay positive. We can't let negativity or cynicism overtake us.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Entertainment Overnight -- Chilling

Chilling beauty. A fantastic way to spend 10+ minutes.

Presidential Protests?

As we know, there is what is described to be a large women's protest in the nation's capitol today, Washington, DC after and about the Presidential inauguration yesterday.

Women's March on Washington

These marches are in big and not so big cities all across the nation today, from Los Angeles to our own, right here in Kansas City.

But there are protests in other nations, too, and not just by or for women.

So here's the question. Let's put this in perspective.

When was the last time a newly-elected world leader, let alone our own newly inaugurated president, just put into office, was protested around the nation? More to the point, when was the last time a newly-elected national leader was ever protested across the globe, around the world?


Would that be never?

Isn't that instructive? Doesn't that tell us something?


Shouldn't it?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Entertainment Overnight -- Inaugural Edition

Republicans, The Next Four Years Are All On You (Redux)

Yes, Republicans and all who supported and voted for Donald J. Trump for president, after today, he and all he does and all the ramifications are all, every one of them, on you.

Sure, Mr. Trump is already taking us down his deep, dark "rabbit hole" and we'll all suffer but his actions? The blame for what he does and says and tweets and all the ramifications? Even the ones from the election to today, while he was only president-elect, everything from November 8 to today and for as long as he is president, it's all on you. We have you and your vote and your actions to blame.

The economy?   On you.

The nation's international standings?


Any debt or debts he accrues?



On you.

And believe me, if he should do anything right and/or well and good, sure, you absolutely get any credit there.

Should that occur.

Same for Mike Pence, as Vice President or, God also forbid, President.

You get all the blame.  It's all on you, to repeat.

You wanted this. You voted for it. You supported him and all he represented then and represents since.

Yes, he's all our President, the nation's President but not because we voted for him, not because a majority of us voted for him.  You did this.

So buck up and suck it up, kids, because Mr. Trump has already shown us all, since that fateful November election day last year that this is going to be a bumpy, bumpy, unpredictable ride.

Any debt. Any wars. Any bloodshed. Any diplomatic and/or international political mistakes and/or miscues.

It's all on your hands.

Right Wingers: Who You Gonna' Hate Now?

Okay, so it's January 20, 2017, inauguration day. Donald J. Trump is sworn in President. (shudder)

So my question now, today, to all Right Wingers, Republicans and Obama haters:

Who are you going to hate now? Well, besides the Democrats and Liberals (or is that "libruls"?) and Progressives and--gasp--Socialists, that is.

After hating the Black man in the White House for 8 years, thinking he's going to take your gunz and impose Sharia Law and betray and destroy the nation, who are you going to rail about now?

After seeing headlines from Right Wing sites like the following for the last 8 years:

Obama runs $100M vacation tab on taxpayers

So, after all this nonsense, repeatedly, for the last 8 years, who are you all going to hate after today?

Who's your big bogeyman now?