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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Agenda: Equality

John Cena really made a fantastic video here. I was overwhelmed.

Incredible Times

I just realized the incredible time in which we're living.

The first Black President of the United States, at the end of his two terms in office, two terms in the White House, against all odds, at the same time this incredible story is told, in incredible, ground-breaking style and fashion.

And we're about to elect the first woman to that same office.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- Way Back Flashback

On Donald Trump

Movie I'd Like To See

I keep thinking of movies I'd like to see. Here's another.

I'd like to see a movie about someone who attended these two events.

Image result for Chicago World's Columbian Exposition

Chicago World's Columbian Exposition

Image result for Saint Louis Exposition

Only 11 years apart---1893 and 1904. Reasonably close to one another, not that far away, and yet both so huge, such big, national and even international events of their day and that time. 

Surely there is, or could be, a story.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- For KCPT and "Ruckus"

Whither "Ruckus"?

It will be interesting to see who is on KCPT's "Ruckus" TV program this evening.
Image result for kcpt ruckus

KCPT and Their Lily White "Ruckus"

For that matter, it will be interesting to watch, from now on, for racial content and inclusion.

Or exclusion, as the case may be.

Further Proof The Donald Will Lose

Image result for crazy donald trump

After last night's final presidential debate between Hillary "I Got This" Clinton and Donald "I'm Losing It" Trump, it's clear Mr. Trump's declaration that he may or may not accept the results of the election hurt him and badly.  Check out just some of the headlines this morning.

First, on what Mr. Trump actually said:

Trump on Whether He’ll Accept Election Results: 'I'll Keep You in Suspense'

Herewith, some takeaways, responses to Mr. Trump.

CNN's Cuomo Drills Conway On Trump Rejecting Election Results: He's Disavowing the Process!

This, from the very Right Wing pollster Hugh Hewitt. Even he admits Mr. Trump took a hit.

Another Right Wing voice:

Two takes from Jake Tapper.

Four takes from mainstream media:

The Associated Press had this rather more maybe official and rather dour evaluation of Mr. Trump's comment.

For what it's worth, two opinions and descriptions of last night's comments from Mr. Trump from Rachel Maddow.

Mr. Van Jones take on it all will likely surprise no one.

Of course, one can always take the course of denial.

Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Will Accept Results of Election — Because Trump Will Win the Election

The New York Times conclusion, turning Mr. Trump's own words on him:

Finally, then, today, one last result from last night's debacle for Mr. Trump.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are witnessing, what we are all witnessing is the freefall of one Mr. Donald J. Trump, electorally and popularly, and what was formerly known as the Republican Party in America, let there be no doubt.

My only concern is the power vacuum it will create. We have to hope for who and what will replace it.

I will say this, this has been the most fascinating, bizarre, unpredictable and even dangerous election, all, and solely due to Mr. Trump, his candidacy and his pronouncements and reactions in it. The only explanation that seems to make sense about it all is that he put himself up to do this, to run and run in the campaign as far and long as possible, in order to destroy the Republican ticket, if not the entire political party. I'd heard that rumor. It's out there. But by doing this, he's hurt himself, his corporate brand and, yes, the political party.

It's the only thing that makes sense. What little sense it does make.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How Great Is This?

A bunch of our neighbors, Canadians, got together and made this video.

In response, we'd like to say thank you to all the Canadians who made this video, first, and second, sorry we're the insecure gits that made this video necessary.

We'll try to make sure we live up to it and don't let you down.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Notes on "America's Most Dangerous Cities"

The online blog site, 24/7 came out with their annual list of "America's Most Dangerous Cities" at the end of last month, and it's pretty interesting. Their data is compiled from the FBIs own list. There some interesting points in and on it, worth noting.

Let's start with a bit of their overall data:

24/7 Wall St. reviewed violent crime rates in major U.S. cities from the FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report. Violent crime includes all offenses involving force or threat of force and are broken into four categories: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. For every 100,000 U.S. residents, 372 of these crimes were committed in 2015.
Then, some notes.

First, unfortunately---and no surprise, really---Kansas City is on it. Second thing to note about it, we were in the top ten, too.
Kansas City Skyline

10. Kansas City, Missouri
> Violent crimes per 100,000: 1,417.3
> 2015 murders: 109
> Poverty rate: 19.4%
> Unemployment rate: 5.5%

While the nationwide violent crime rate rose by 3.9% in 2015, the increase in Kansas City was far more dramatic. With homicide and aggravated assault rates surging, the city reported a 14.4% spike in violent crime last year. Crime in the city is up even more from five years ago. The city’s violent crime rate increased by 21.2% from 2011 through 2015, even as the nationwide rate declined by 0.7% over that period.

Not good.

In fact, we, Kansas City, were worse on this list than Washington, DC (15), Indianapolis, Indiana (13) and Stockton, California (12).  That hurts.

Next thing to note about the list is that Missouri gets hit pretty hard. We are on the list three different times.

Then on to this note from the list, our own Springfield, Missouri, "Queen City of the Ozarks", followed as close as could be at number 11 on the list.

11. Springfield, Missouri
> Violent crimes per 100,000: 1,355.6
> 2015 murders: 10
> Poverty rate: 26.4%
> Unemployment rate: 4.3%

Crime rates tend to be higher in economically depressed areas where opportunities are scarce. In Springfield, Missouri, more than one-quarter of area residents live in poverty, one of the highest poverty rates in the country. After spiking by 73.2% over the five years through 2015 — the second highest increase of any major U.S. city — Springfield’s violent crime rate is the 11th highest in the country. In 2015, there were 179 rapes for every 100,000 residents, the highest incidence of rape in the country.

In fact, along with Missouri's Springfield, there were two more on the list. Springfields Illinois, at number 23 and Massachussetts at 21. I guess that all comes from it being such a common name in this country, maybe.

Next note, right next door in Arkansas, little old Little Rock comes in at number 9, higher and so, worse than Kansas City. Who'd have guessed?

Which brings us to our last point (points?) and the highest, worst ranking of all the most dangerous cities in America this year, at this time.  It ain't good, Missouri.
Image result for mo rage blog st. louis

1. St. Louis, Missouri
> Violent crimes per 100,000: 1,817.1
> 2015 murders: 188
> Poverty rate: 27.8%
> Unemployment rate: 6.1%

Including 188 homicides, there were 5,762 violent crimes in St. Louis in 2015. Adjusting for population, the city’s murder and violent crime rates, at 59 murders and 1,817 per 100,000 city residents, are each the highest in the country. The number of violent crimes reported in St. Louis increased by 7.7% last year, faster than the national uptick of 3.9%. Over the last five years, however, the incidence of violent crime is down by 3.2%.

Yes sir, good ol' St. Lou.  

Not Detroit. Heck, not even Chicago.  In fact, check out the list, folks. Chicago isn't even on the list (it's too large a city for this study).

It's not looking good for us, danger-wise, Missourians. Heck, remember this study, that came out in 2012?

We have to work on our safety and image, folks. These are some pretty awful lists.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- A Brief Read (and video)

Another, different, Facebook friend sent me this today. I think it a great escape from the news and ugliness of the world, especially from our presidential election just now.

The Hidden, The Revealed 

And The Starry Night - NPR

When I was a kid, I looked to the stars for solace.

No matter what was hard or painful or seemed inescapable in my life, I only needed to go out in my backyard at night and tilt my head back.

I lived in the congestion of North Jersey, a few miles from Manhattan. That meant my skies were never dark. It didn't matter, though, the few stars I could see where enough. They reminded me of a truth I really needed back then. It was if the stars were saying: "Everything in your world is no more than a soap bubble. There is much, much more. We're here to remind you of that."

Over the last few days, the news has focused on things that come to light, truths not generally known suddenly revealed. I had the good fortune to be watching the nation's roller coaster ride unfold from a cabin up in the north woods where I'd retreated to work on my book. As the thin sliver of an Internet connection kept me linked to the unfolding drama, I had time to think a lot about what is true and what is hidden. But then, remarkably, every night I'd see what's hidden to most of us — and I remembered those experiences I'd had as a kid.

Miles away from cities and the "noise" of their light, I could see the stars — all of them visible to the naked eye. And, once again, I was reminded of their strange message of freedom.

The great irony of modern life is that while we know more about the universe than any of the 2,000 generations preceding us, most of us have no direct contact with the full emotional magnitude of the night sky. If we are lucky, we can get to a park or somewhere in the suburbs where a fraction of the usual light pollution is blocked.

But the true glory of a true dark night — that's something most of us only get a few times across our lives.

But the meaning of a dark night can't be hurried. You can't step out for a few minutes in your slippers, wrapped in a blanket and hear what the stars are telling you.

No, you have to prepare.

You have to give it time. And you have to be dressed for the quiet effort. It will take long enough just for your eyes to adjust so that you can see the all stars between the stars. Then you have to settle down in a chair or in a sleeping bag. You'll need wait for the boredom to rise and then pass again. Only when your monkey mind has worn itself down a little will the real change come. That's when the stars become 3-D. That's when they stop being pasted on a bowl overhead and you realize they are underneath you, too.

And that's the moment their message of expanse and endless possibilities beyond just today's news can reach you. That is when the stars can whisper to you: "Everything in your world is no more than a soap bubble. There is more, much more. We are here to remind you of that."

While I can't directly show you what I saw those nights, I can (again) share this amazing time-lapse video (see below) of the night sky over the mountains.

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Of course we have to be engaged with the larger worlds of business and politics and the day-to-day realities of getting kids to school and ourselves to work. That world will always have its share of great sorrow and fear.

But we can also remember what has been hidden right over our heads. We can also find the time to try and reconnect with that truth — even if it's with the few stars wecan see from our backyards or our rooftops. It just takes a little time (say a half hour) and little effort (a blanket, a chair, some warm clothes).

Carl Sagan was right about us being star stuff. But what he said will only be a bunch of words if we don't take the time to look — to really look — up at what is always waiting to be revealed.

On This Election, Donald Trump and Russian Intervention

A Facebook friend of mine and area resident, one Kent Hartland wrote and posted the following on Facebook today. I thought it worth the time and thought.
Image result for trump putin

The CIA says they have clear evidence Russia is hacking into American servers in an attempt to alter the apparent outcome of a presidential election. Twenty states have also reported evidence of Russia attacking servers in an attempt to overthrow state-wide elections for congress. Yet most folks here seem oblivious or complacent.

If Russia assassinated one of our candidates or launched a strike against us to eliminate the person we chose as our leader, we would all be down at the recruiting station to enlist. But that is what they are doing. The 21st century equivalent of a Regime Change. A political assassination.

No matter what your politics, if you claim to be an American, a patriot, then this should be your line in the sand. Do not facilitate, accept, brush aside or look away from what is currently happening.

Russia has launched a cyber attack on America. Our president has promised a proportional response. Russia is warning it's citizens and America of the growing risk of nuclear war.

Nuclear war.

This from CNN:

"It is now clear that the illegal hack of my personal email account was -- just like the other recent, election-related hacks -- the work of the Russian government," John Podesta said in a statement. "This level of meddling by a foreign power can only be aimed at boosting Donald Trump and should send chills down the spine of all Americans, regardless of political party."

Trump has called on Moscow to hack into Clinton's computers, downplayed criticism of Putin's authoritarian tendencies, tried to suggest that Russia hasn't hacked US systems and promoted foreign policy positions that jibe more closely with Moscow's than Washington's. He's relied on aides with ties to Russia and most recently, quoted an incorrect Russian news report to raise questions about Clinton.

"Russia, are you listening?" Trump said from the stage of a rally, calling for a foreign country to interfere in an election, an unprecedented moment in presidential politics.

Trump has taken foreign policy positions that analysts say would please Russia, declaring in March that he would consider pulling the US out of NATO because it's "obsolete." The 28-member organization, founded in 1949 to defend against the Soviet Union, is the core US-Atlantic security mechanism.

Trump campaign advisers have had ties to Russia. Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort lobbied on behalf of Russian-backed Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich. Carter Page, described at one point by the campaign as an informal policy advisor, reportedly had investments in Russian gas company Gazprom and has publicly criticized the US in a speech in Moscow.

A Trump security adviser, Lt. General Mike Flynn, the retired head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, attended a December gala for the the state-backed Russia Today television network, placed two seats away from Putin, according to Politico.

Trump's refusal to release his tax returns makes it impossible to get a full sense of his investments and whether he has any in Russia, but he does have business ties to Russians.

Trump has also written about trying to build a Trump property in Moscow since 1987 in his book "The Art of the Deal," signing his most recent deal to build in Moscow in 2013, according to the Washington Post.

The Republican candidate worked with Russian oligarchs to stage the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013. And his son Trump Jr told a real estate investment conference in 2008 that "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," adding that they "see a lot of money pouring in from Russia."

"I've been there many times, I've spent quite a bit of time in Moscow looking at deals," Trump Jr. said.


If Russia doesn't want Clinton or the Democrats in power and DOES want Trump and the GOP in, that should tell you who to vote for.

Stand. Take a strong and immediate stand against these attacks. Russia cannot see a divided America, where some of the citizens are cool with Russia literally trying to overrule our choices for elected officials.

Back to me:

I don't think this, he, is overstating the situations. Seems like good to great food for thought.

Additionally, this story broke yesterday.

I hope this is all only fascinating.

The American Hellhole That Is Donald Trump's America

Bill Maher has it correct.

Have a great weekend, y'all.

The "Silver Lining" of This Donald Trump Candidacy

Image result for hillary trump

With all of the ugliness and sexism and hate and ignorance and racism and misogyny, etc., that has come for and to America with Donald Trump's Republican Party candidacy for the highest office in the nation, as horrible as it has been, there is, in fact, a "silver lining" for us all.

How ironic but how wonderful, too, is it that the Republicans would end up offering the worst candidate for the presidency ever, literally, in the history of our nation, this year so that the first woman to ever get the position and support as a candidate of a major party is not just elected but elected by a huge, historic landslide?

Because wait for it, that's what's about to take place, folks.

Wait for it.

But for the love of God and all that is good, take nothing, nothing for granted. Get out there and VOTE, folks!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- Retrospective

I was so much older then
I'm' younger than that now



No automatic alt text available.

America, You're In a Bad Relationship. And You're Being Abused

Yes, America, Americans, we seem to be co-dependent just now. We seem to be drawn to a person, a man who is decidedly not good for us.  And he really is abusing us.

Image result for sick trump

Donald Trump and his past, his recorded past, on audiotape and video, both, have shown him to be, once again, sexist, misogynist, racist and a whole array of ugly, negative aspects. These are his traits, this is his character.

Yet, here we are and he's still, still one of the two top candidates for the highest government office in the nation and the most powerful position in the entire world.

Things he's said and done so far, in the last 2 years, no one could have ever gotten away with. He just keeps plodding along, going forward.  People are still behind him, however dwindling but there they still are.

At one point, we all know he famously said he "...could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters."

We all laughed, at the time, and just thought him crazy but now, honestly, there seems to be more than a little bit of truth to it.

32 Worst Things Donald Trump 

Has Ever Said

An Abbreviated List of Every Bonkers Thing 

Donald Trump Has Done

This one came out last May, for pity's sake.

7 Disqualifying Things Donald Trump 

Has Done in the Past 48 Hours

Yet, with all that, with all we've seen and heard from Mr. Trump, he's still in the race and we're still in this relationship.

Donald Trump is not who we should be. He's not "the better angels of our nature" and far from it. Quite the opposite is true, it seems clear. 

So how can we get out of this ugly, abusive relationship?

Can we text him it's over?

KCPT and Their Lily White "Ruckus"

Image result for kcpt ruckus

The local PBS station, KCPT, has a weekly news/conversation program each Thursday evening called "Ruckus" it is widely known. And it's usually a pretty good program, definitely, discussing local government and business current events. Given the shrinking of the Kansas City Star in town, it becomes an even more important outlet, if brief, at 30 minutes.

Last night's program, however, had at least one glaring problem I and I believe a lot of others would agree.

There was the very white, Right Wing host, three white men and one white woman.

That was it.

I swore there were Black Americans and Hispanics and other races that lived in our city.

I swore there was. Is.

There wasn't even any indication there was a Liberal or Left Winger on the program. Honestly, not one. You'd think they might have one so they could gang up and verbally beat up on and abuse them, the way now-deceased John McLaughlin used to do to Eleanor Clift on "The McLaughlin Group."  Maybe Steve Glorioso wasn't available? Someone else? The program has had "people of color", minorities on it in the past, as anyone who watches it knows, just not last night.

Apparently, their idea of "inclusion" is letting a woman sit with them. Heck, the host, Mike Shanin, even asked her a question. Two, even.

Between the host and the crotetchety, deeply Right Wing attorney Steve Mirakian  and, again, the Libertarian, they got the Republicans and Right Wing covered, 10 ways from Sunday. (I will say one good thing about the Libertarian. At least he's against the unnecessary boondoggle of a new, billion dollar airport). 

The other part of this inclusion of theirs is letting a self--professed Libertarian (whatever that means) on the show.

But a Black person from the city this week? A Hispanic? Heck, an Asian? Anything else?

I guess that would make a ruckus.
Understand, I love my KCPT and PBS, absolutely. I wouldn't want to live without it.

I just thought their standards were and would be higher, and more inclusive, than this.

Link:  Ruckus | KCPT

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Entertainment Overnight -- Prophetic

With the announcement earlier today that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature, it seems a good time to put up another of his videos but also, to maybe once again point out how he was and this one song in particular was maybe a bit prophetic.

As one example, the people calling out climate change and man-made global warming, beside the scientists, would, I think, call this out as such:

Come gather 'round people where ever you roam
And admit that the waters around you have grown
And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone,
For the times they are a' changin'!

And then there's this. It seems perpetually true of government representatives.

Come senators, congressmen please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside and it's ragin'
It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
For the times they are a' changin'!

Enough lecture for the evening.  Enjoy.

Donald Trump And His Followers, Part II

That article I posted here today, earlier, about Donald Trump and his Right Wing, Evangelist, racist, sexist, misogynist, misguided, uninformed followers was far too good to not post one more part of the article.

Image result for stupid donald trump

Tomgram: John Feffer, 

Slouching Toward the Apocalypse

...there’s no doubt that Hurricane Donald would wreck the world. His opposition to efforts to address climate change and desire for a Parexit -- cancelingthe Paris climate accord -- would guarantee that the mercury in Mother Earth’s thermometer soars ever higher. His contempt for the global economy would undoubtedly precipitate a worldwide recession. His support for the unraveling of the European Union would lend a hand to European alt-right groups campaigning for its demise. His pledge to go mano a mano with the Islamic State would surely give that organization a new lease on life.

In the United States, meanwhile, Trump’s economic plans would further widen the gulf between the haves and have-nots, making a mockery of the blue-collar support he has attracted. He would hand considerable power over to evangelicals when it comes to transforming social policy and, by way of his Supreme Court nominations, influence the future well beyond his own term in office. Inspired by his example, alt-right forces would unquestionably bring their battles onto the streets of American cities.

Nor is Trump alone. Some version of his populist extremism can be found in every corner of the globe, from Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Viktor Orban’s Hungary to Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey, Rodrigo Duterte’s Philippines, and Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua -- not to mention the countries of other politicians, like France’s Marine Le Pen, who hope to seize power someday. Such leaders may be divided by religion, ethnicity, and even putative political ideology, but they all believe in putting their nation -- and their personal ambitions -- above the common global good. Individually, they are intent on constructing illiberal orders in their countries. Collectively, they are bent on destroying that fragile entity known as the international community and, thanks to climate change, the planet that goes with it.

Again, you should see what he has to say about Alex Jones, too. If you haven't read the entire article, it's completely, totally and utterly worth it. Understand, too, I write this not to belittle or mock Mr. Trump or his followers. I write this more to inform and even warn Americans of this man, what he thinks, what he says, what his followers are like and what the possible ramifications already are and, worse, what they could be.

The Most Important Thing You'll Read Today

And no, I don't mean the most important thing you'll read today is what I write here.

I was just turned to a writer, one Tom Englehart and his fellow writers and editors over at TomDispatch

I'm surprised I didn't know of it earlier, good as it is. It seems to have very clear, calm, intelligent, resourceful writers, if this piece I read today is any example. Here is that most important thing:

Tomgram: John Feffer, 

Slouching Toward the Apocalypse

I think it's a brilliant, if deeply scary piece. It's about not just Donald Trump but about his followers, as well. Herewith, I post just a part of it but the most important part, to me, anyway:
Image result for dangerous donald trump

By John Feffer

The world according to Donald Trump is very dark indeed. The American economy has tanked. Mexico has sent a horde of criminals over the border to steal jobs and rape women. The Islamic State, cofounded by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is taking over the globe. “Our country’s going to hell,” he declared during the Republican primaries. It’s “like medieval times,” he suggested during the second presidential debate. “We haven’t seen anything like this, the carnage all over the world.”

For Trump, it’s not morning in America, it’s just a few seconds before midnight on the doomsday clock. Although his campaign doggedly continues to promise a new beginning for the country, the candidate and his advisers are sending out a very different message: the end is nigh. These Cassandras all agree that, although Obama’s two terms were no walk in the park, the stakes in 2016 are world-destroyingly higher. If Clinton is elected, the future could be, as conservative political operatives Dick Morris and Eileen McGann titled their recent book,Armageddon.

Presidential challengers often paint a grim picture of the world of the incumbent, overstating the case for dramatic effect. Ever the showman, Trump has no compunction about repeatedly going way over the top, calling the U.S. military a “disaster” because it’s supposedly underfunded and the United States a “third-world country” thanks to its precipitous economic decline. Trump talks as if he were the hybrid offspring of Karl Marx and Ann Coulter.

Trumpworld, however, is a photographic negative of statistical reality. The U.S. economy has been on an upswing for the last several years (though its benefits have been anything but evenly distributed). Nationally, violent crime is on the decline(though murder rates are soaring in some cities like Chicago). The Obama administration averted war with Iran and negotiated a détente with Cuba (though it continues to wage war in other parts of the world and has maintained sky-high Pentagon spending). If the Obama years are hardly beyond criticism, they are hardly beneath contempt either.

In dispensing with what one of his senior aides called the “reality-based community,” George W. Bush’s administration attempted to create an alternative, on-the-ground reality, particularly through the direct exercise of American military power -- and we know how well that turned out. Trump seems to have even less interest in the “reality-based community.” He’s evidently convinced that the sheer power of his own bluster, even without the firepower of that military, should be sufficient to alter our world. After all, didn’t it win him a loyal following on TV and -- to the disbelief of politicians and media commentators everywhere -- the Republican presidential nomination?

The reality-based community -- which Trump labels the “elite” -- wants nothing to do with him. The discrepancy between his rhetoric and what other people call facts explains in part why even conservative elites -- prominent Republicans like Brent Scowcroft and John Warner, conservative columnists like George Will, and even neoconservatives like Bill Kristol, not to speak of right-leaning newspapers likeThe Arizona Republic and the Dallas Morning News -- have made historic decisions to abandon their party's presidential nominee.

But don’t kid yourself. There is method to Trump’s particular version of madness. He and his slyly smiling running mate Mike Pence are playing up their vision of scorched-earth America not just to win general political points but to appeal to a very specific set of voters by tapping into the apocalyptic strain in American politics. The evangelicals, anti-globalists, and white power constituencies that form the bedrock of his support hear in Trump’s blasts more than just a set of fun-house facts. When the Donald says that Hillary is "the devil" and America’s going to hell, this constituency -- steeped in Biblical prophecy, survivalist ideology, and racist conspiracies -- takes him literally. America is on the verge of (take your pick): the Rapture, an end-of-days contest between American patriots and U.N. invaders, or an all-out race war to the finish.

And here’s what makes Trump’s carnivalesque presidential campaign especially topsy-turvy. He’s been slouching toward just about every kind of Armageddon imaginable, except the genuine planetary ones that are -- or should be -- almost unavoidable these days. He has, after all, dismissed climate change as a “hoax” and a Chinese scam. He is so blasé about nuclear weapons that he’s been comfortable with the thought of American allies Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabiadeveloping their own. He has nothing whatsoever to say about potential global pandemics (but plenty to spout about the potentially malign effects of vaccinations).

To grasp the nature of such genuine dangers requires at least a minimal understanding of science. It also requires a genuine concern that the world as we know it could indeed end in our lifetimes or those of our children and grandchildren.

Of course, not everyone thinks the apocalypse is a bad thing.

I suggest that any and all who find any truth and insight in the above, go to the post and read the rest, too, certainly. It sheds a great deal of light on these people, what they think, what they're doing and what they may yet do. I also suggest you go to the link below to find out about or find out more about Alex Jones, depending what all you know of him.

Heaven and God help us all, folks, pun intended. There are some scary, really scary, uninformed, misguided, dangerous and/or potentially dangerous, emotional, religious people out there. Until reading this, I thought Trump would merely be crushed, electorally, November 8, and then he'd slink away, he and all his supporters.

Now, I'm not certain of that second part at all.

Note:  To prove, too, just a bit of what Mr. Feffer writes in the article, this story just broke 37 minutes ago--

Congratulations to Bob Dylan

Yes, congratulations today to singer, songwriter, poet Bob Dylan on winning this year's Nobel Prize for Literature.

I didn't see that coming, that's for sure.

For the kids out there who either don't know him or his music and writing and for the rest of us who do andn enjoyed it then to now, three of his classics.

It surely was a different time. It was my childhood but now, looking at these videos, in black and white, and seeing all the street scenes and clothes, etc., it sure looks like a long time ago. (Ow).

(What's with the two guys on the left, in the background?)

(And what's with the cars driving at night with their headlights off?)

Here is a very young Pete Seeger (Google him, kids), introducing Bob Dylan.

Have a great day out there, folks. Maybe have a poetic day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Deeply Conservative Republican On The Donald and This Race

Image result for hillary donald

"It is not acceptable to ask a moral, dignified man to cast his vote to help elect an immoral man who is absent decency or dignity.

If the consequence of standing against Trump and for principles is indeed the election of Hillary Clinton, so be it. At least it is a moral, ethical choice. If she is elected, the world does not end..."

--Glenn Beck

To All the Liberals and Left Wingers and Progressives

Image result for hillary

Think about this.

At minimum, at minimum, when Hillary Clinton takes office next year, this coming January 20, as president---and she will--she will, at the very least be appointing first one and then another or more Supreme Court Justices. At the very minimum.

And at that very least, the Democrats and Liberals and Progressives and anyone and everyone of any political stripe that realizes we need to get the money out of our politics will all get together and come up with a legal challenge to the earlier Citizens United ruling.

And it will be overturned.

So if you're maybe frustrated that Senator Sanders didn't make it to where we are now and to the White House, at least realize you have this. And it is no small thing.

Count on it.

Where Is All This Technology Taking Us?

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Occasionally, once in a great while, I get out of "my bubble", or am forced to, and look around at the technology and apps that are available, some for home computing but most, more and more, for our cell phones.

I tell you, it's overwhelming.

It's been fun for a while. If you realize you don't just have a TV in your pocket but a full-blown computer that can do who-knows-what-all, it's been fun. It is fun. It can be fun, anyway.

But every once in a while, I realize, how much there is out there, how much computer power is in our pockets and how dizzying it all is. It seems there are apps for so much more of the minutiae of our lives than I would think anyone could or would ever imagine.

I understand why these apps have been created, too, sure. Everyone has to "make their mark" and no less so than in computing but wow. Clearly we humans are taking all these apps and our phones way too far. In my eyes, anyway.

I think it's scary and getting scarier.
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And the trend of time spent on cell phones is still increasing and the younger we are, the more it's increasing.

Yeah.  This is not your grandfather's world, that's for sure. Between these developments and humankind's rush into AI, artificial intelligence, I don't like the looks of where we're heading, as a species, as a people. I think we are, it seems, all running headlong, forward and we don't have any idea where we're going, where this is all leading us.

Y'all be nice out there.