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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How Much Do We Have to Lose Across the Planet Until We Accept Climate Change?

Did you see this?

Did you see how many head of cattle, alone, were lost recently in Australia, with their flooding?

Stranded cows are seen surrounded by floodwater in Queensland, Australia, on Feb. 5, 2019.

500,000 head of cattle--or more, if you read the article--died last week in the flooding in Australia.

And this doesn't include all the other animal life that died in their scorching heat waves in the last month. I posted on this earlier.

Australia's Heat Wave Has Been Devastating For Animals

And that's just Australia, of late. Check out what it's done in California last year.

Then there is around the world.

At what point do the climate change deniers actually look, recognize the losses and damage and agree with us we need to do things to change?

What more does it have to take?

Monday, February 11, 2019

What Is It With Republicans Undoing Voters', Constituents' Expressed Wishes?

Time and again both in Missouri and across the nation, Republicans have been shown to be working to undo things their constituents already voted on. It's happening right now, right here in Missouri.

We Missourians all voted to have more openness in our government and to know what's going on in it. Those pesky Republicans want nothing to do with it so they're working to undo our vote.

There is, fortunately, just one little problem with their trying to undo the voters' will, at least this time.

But it's not just here in Missouri. Republicans in other states, too, have, time and again, gone against their own constituents, gone against the will of the people, the popular vote, people be damned.

This is from last month.

This is happening now, too.

We know they want to do the will of their already-wealthy sponsors/donors--owners?--and corporations that give them big campaign money but go against our own stated will? Go against the people?

Image may contain: meme and text

How long are we going to put up with this, folks?

How long are we going to tolerate this?


Get the Big, Ugly Money Out of Our Election System and Government

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Oh, Yeah. Tax the Already-Wealthy

Image result for billionaires

I am, in fact, in favor of what some people claim to be a new thought of eliminating the possibility of being a billionaire, I have to say. Strongly in favor.

For anyone who knows me, this will come as no surprise.

If you're worth 999 million dollars---isn't that enough?

What could you possibly want that isn't attainable for you at that level of wealth?

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, et. al, is worth an estimated $130.7 billion dollars.

Not only that, but he had to be recently publicly shamed into giving his employees a raise up to a whopping $15 per hour. And even then, he took some away from their benefits plan. That is some chutzpah.


That is insane.

And immoral. Just obscene.

There are people, not just in your own nation but across the planet that are hungry, indeed, starving, literally, homeless and a lot more--but you need, somehow, a billion dollars? And/or more?


Besides the poor of the nation and world, we should all keep in mind, as has been said elsewhere, many times, that when the US was collecting 90% and 70% taxes of the uber-wealthy, we were a far stronger nation, we built a national highway system and went to the moon, among all else.

So yeah, let's do this.

Image result for there's class warfare all right but it's my class the rich class that's making war and we're winning


Yes, Tax the Rich. But Do It Right

For Those Who Don't Believe in Global Warming and/or Climate Change

For any out there who may still not believe in or accept that the planet is warming and that human activity is having a large role in all of it, please read on. For starters, this winter, this was the middle of last month, January, while much of our nation was in a deep freeze.

Image result for global warming

Australia heatwave reaches it peak with record temperatures

Naturally, it wasn't simply Australia that was blistering hot, either.

Still Australia, this article posted 6 days ago, as if the heat and their losses from it weren't enough.

Remember last Summer and the record California wildfires?

California Wildfire Insurance Claims Total $11.4 Billion

We're very familiar with the Polar Vortex that effected so much of our nation in the last few weeks.

This is taking place presently.

Seattle normally gets 0.7 inches of snow per year. A few weeks ago, they got nearly 2 inches. Now, today, they got another 10 inches and as the headline shows, they are apparently going to get still more. Seattle wasn't alone, of course.

Yakima gets 10 inches of snow in winter blast

Then there's the overall picture.

2018 was 4th hottest year on record for the globe

This year is no better and we're not even 1/4 of the way into it..

Then that's having predictable effects, of course.

Finally, if that all isn't enough on our planet, there is this. When all else is deniable or ignored, there is the CO2, the carbon dioxide levels in our planet's atmosphere that comes from what we humans are pumping into it.

See the source image

Let's do something before it's too late. 

Some things.

How about it?

Catholics Hit a New Low

Image result for catholic church

We've known Catholic leaders, mostly Priests, have abused children and students and not for just years, which would be horrible enough, not just decades--even more frightening--but for hundreds of years. Centuries. Catholic leaders have been abusing, sexually abusing children of the Church and for centuries.

It's a fact.

Stunning and unforgivable as all that is, it's a documented fact.

And it's across not just a nation.

Not just nations.

Not just a continent.

But across continents.

Across the world.

And again, for centuries.

It should be unbelievable.

Sadly, very, very sadly, it's not unbelievable.

Far from it.

Now, the impossible has happened.

It's gotten worse.

Much worse.

They've outdone themselves. There's another new discovery, this week.

Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery

It is stunning the continuing revelations that seem to take place within this Church. 

You wouldn't think you could outdo abusing children. But they've done it.

Here's hoping there are no further revelations out there from these people (no pun intended).

Hopefully this is the last, worst thing they'll have to also admit to.

At what point, Catholics, are you going to say "Enough!"

At what point are you people going to rein these people in?

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Suddenly, People Caring About the East Side

We all know now what happened on the City Council this week.

Image result for paseo street kansas city

Kansas City Council votes to rename The Paseo

The City Council of Kansas City, Missouri voted this week to have the name of The Paseo changed to Martin Luther King Boulevard, of course.

Stunningly, all of a sudden, people, lots of white people, who are never over there, are suddenly lamenting the name and name change.

We segregate an entire race on the East side of the city and for decades, at least, and by very discriminatory laws, make sure they go to crappy schools, are paid less and don't have good access to  better-paying jobs or transportation but by God, suddenly name a street over there something else and people start getting bent out of shape about something not in their own area.

Those people over there.

How dare they?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Entertainment Overnight

That voice.

Once Again, They Show Missouri for Kansas

Yes sir and ma’am, once again, there is an online article, this one describing weekend winter getaways and they show Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri as being Kansas.

What they show for Kansas.

I love the media.

And while I don't want to be mean, I feel pretty certain, for a winter getaway in Kansas, they don't mean get away to Kansas City, Kansas.

Just saying.

Then, when it comes to Missouri, they recommend a Winter getaway of Branson.

I have no idea what they're supposed to be showing here, from Branson but at least, hey, they stayed in the state, right? And got it correct?

Hilarious.  I love it.

So to have a great weekend getaway in Kansas----get outta’ the state.


I’m sure Convention and Visitors Bureaus all across Kansas will love that.

Last note: On no other state or recommendation did they get the state and corresponding picture and recommendation incorrect regarding that state’s getaway.

To Be Clear: There Is No Immigration Crisis at the Border

Image result for illegal immigrants at all time lows

Let's look at the facts.

This was from December, 2017, a year ago.

Arrests For Illegal Border Crossings 

Hit 46-Year Low

Last Summer, June, 2018

Also June last year, from Forbes Magazine.

November 27, 2018, just this past Fall.

Undocumented immigration population in USA reaches 12-year low

Backing that last one up, this is from the same month and the very Right Wing Wall Street Journal.

Let's be clear, folks. Let's put this to rest. 

There is no crisis at the Southern border of any kind and we certainly don't need to be spending 5 billion dollars on a wall---that would be ineffectual, to boot.

Do we need immigration reform?  Absolutely.

Have the Republicans in Congress been fighting it for years?

Yes sir and ma'am, they absolutely have. But no one is telling that story.

Meanwhile, look what this Republican Party's tantrum may do to us here in the country.

And here's what it and he is doing to government employees.

'I'm Scared': TSA Families 

Fear Falling Behind On Bills

The credit rating company Fitch has publicly warned today that we, the US, risk losing our AAA credit rating because of this Republican Party government shutdown, should it continue. Meanwhile, this Republican Party President warned he would be only too willing to let the shutdown go on for weeks or even months.

What the heck?

He's always gotten his way up to now so why shouldn't this, too, go his way?


Finally, not even the people down there at the Southern border think there's any crisis.

No wall.

Let's be done with this, get the government back open and people and the nation working again.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

On the Way to the Super Bowl...

Check out the latest article on the NFL playoff games and who may be going to the Super Bowl.

Image result for patrick mahomes

In four of these, the pick is our Chiefs, with the number one pick being Chiefs vs. Rams!

16. Colts vs. Rams: Nothing wrong with Andrew Luck vs. Jared Goff, and this would be a fresh matchup. Just not a lot of sex appeal and the Rams have a limited fan base.

15. Colts vs. Saints: Same deal, except New Orleans has a much larger fan base and wouldn’t be far from home. This is also a rematch of Super Bowl XLIV. Blowout potential is higher than you’d like.

14. Colts vs. Cowboys: What we’re saying is there really are no terrible potential matchups left. Nothing wrong with these two teams, and the Cowboys are the Cowboys — very popular and very polarizing. But neither team feels Super Bowl-worthy this year.

13. Chiefs vs. Cowboys: This would be fun, but there’s not much to it and Kansas City would be a clear-cut favorite.

12. Chargers vs. Cowboys: This is basically on the same level as Kansas City-Dallas, except the Chargers are chasing their first-ever Super Bowl on the back nine of Philip Rivers’ career and there’s a better chance this would be a close game.

11. Chargers vs. Eagles: Everything we just said about the Chargers, but now you’ve got the Nick Foles magic and Philadelphia chasing back-to-back championships — something nobody has done in the last decade.

10. Colts vs. Eagles: Andrew Luck and the Colts might be slightly more of a draw than the Bolts.

9. Chargers vs. Saints: Philip Rivers vs. predecessor Drew Brees would be interesting, but I’d be concerned about a potential New Orleans blowout. The Saints would practically be at home against a team that lacks a fan base.

8. Chargers vs. Rams: Even though the two franchises lack large fan bases, a battle between two teams from the same city would be pretty damn fantastic.

7. Chiefs vs. Eagles: Philly going for the repeat against the league’s highest-scoring team in a battle between former colleagues Andy Reid and Doug Pederson.

6. Patriots vs. Rams: Can the Patriots beat the team they defeated in their first Super Bowl in order to win their sixth?

5. Patriots vs. Cowboys: This would be a freakin’ ratings bonanza for CBS. Quite possibly the two highest-profile teams in the NFL, but I’d fear a New England blowout.

4. Chiefs vs. Saints: Patrick Mahomes vs. Drew Brees in a battle between the league’s two most valuable players, and it’d probably be close.

3. Patriots vs. Saints: Tom Brady and Drew Brees are two of the most accomplished quarterbacks in NFL history, and you’d have an interesting dynamic with New England chasing its sixth Lombardi Trophy in essentially a road game only 400 miles from New Orleans.

2. Patriots vs. Eagles: This would mark only the second time in NFL history in which teams met in back-to-back Super Bowls, and this one would be especially intriguing because Philly is once again led by Nick Foles while the Patriots are trying to bolster their incredible legacy.

And the one we really want to see:

1. Chiefs vs. Rams: When they met during the regular season, the two most lethal offensive teams in the NFL only combined for 105 points in the first-ever NFL game in which both teams scored 50.

...with Chiefs going all the way, naturally.


Monday, January 7, 2019

Heads Up, Kansas City!!

Don't look now, folks, but guess who was back in town---and says he's running for political office?


First this--I apologize for the blurry photos but that, ladies and gentlemen of Kansas City, is one Clay Chastain.

You remember Clay, right?

The guy who has all the answers for our fair city?

Even though he lives, most of the time in--where is it? Virginia?

Anyway, seems he was not only back in town this weekend, this is him outside the Brookside Price Chopper grocery, and he was saying he's running for political office, yessiree, Bob.

So don't think we have, you have seen or heard the last of Mr. Clay "I Know What This City Needs" Chastain.

It's my hope that, if he's actually serious about running for city political office for us again, that someone in the media like Steve Kraske on KCUR or someone down at the the Star or the Pitch or Mike Shanin at KCPT's "Ruckus" or someone, somewhere interviews the man. We need to know just what he's planning. Or working on.

If he's serious about running for office, and I'm sure he is, he needs to get the word out and we need to hear it.

However misguided and/or foolhardy.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Before Trump, I Had Hope

Image result for president trump

It's true. Before Donald Trump became President, which even now pains me to say, I believed in America. I believed in people. I believed in progress.


Now that Donald Trump not only became President but has been so for 2 years, all that is gone.

I no longer believe in the arc of progress through history. I no longer believe in the progress of humankind. I no longer see or believe in progress as being inevitable and/or natural. I don't assume it any longer.

It's the same with racism in our nation.

I used to see it as something deeply stupid that used to exist and occur in our society. I used to see it as something we would and were naturally working away from, having learned our collective lessons.

No longer.

Again, with this President---a member and now leader of the Republican Party it needs to be repeatedly pointed out--racism has not just reared its ugly head but come out very publicly, repeatedly and demonstrably.

I thought we'd all learned that lesson. I thought we knew better. I thought we were weaning ourselves of that outrageous ignorance.

Climate change?

This President doesn't believe in it. So naturally, we don't need our government or the governments of the world to do anything about it. Forget the science. Forget the scientific studies. Forget the facts and truth. Full, polluting speed ahead.

Then there's the safety nets we already decided on as a nation that this President is rolling back.

78 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

This broke this week.

I was against Ronald Reagan becoming President and his tenure in the office bears me out. I was vindicated by what he did, in more ways than one. This was the biggest one.

Iran-Contra: Reagan's Scandal and the Unchecked Abuse of Power

Then there was Dubya'.

Yes, naturally, I was against George W. Bush becoming President.

I know, shocking, right?

And it was more, far more than just because he was a Republican. He proved me correct, too.

How Clinton Surplus Became A $6T Deficit

But Reagan and Dubya' both became President and we lived through it and I knew we would.

But Trump? Donald J. Trump as President?

In these fast two years with him in the White House, I see so many ways not just our nation but the world has gone and is going backward, already. It has made all kinds of things that were previously considered impossible, possible.

I do see some glimmers of hope. They are only brief and glimmers but there are some promising things out there. Here's one.

More Republicans Now Think Donald Trump Is ‘Unfit to Be President of the United States,’ Watergate Reporter Claims   When even Republicans come out publicly denouncing him in any way, it gives me hope. Of course, there have been Republicans and Right Wingers publicly writing against and yes, denouncing him, for some time--columnist George Will, now-deceased Charles Krauthammer, both, among them.

While I've lost hope, I am still of the opinion we have to fight ignorance and stupidity and short-sightedness and greed. We can't give in completely. We have to work, however and whenever and wherever we can to better things, both for others and ourselves. Always.

We have to persevere.


Confronting the Cost of Trump's Corruption

Friday, December 28, 2018

Our Obscene, Highly Immoral, Bankrupting, Even Murderous Healthcare System

In the past week, quite by accident, I've heard two different stories from two completely unconnected people, women, as chance would have it, about health care travesties. They highlight, very well, the ugly insanity of how we do health care.

Image result for healthcare for money

The first was from a woman who said she worked full time at a law office and for her family's health insurance, she paid $600 per month.

That's it.

That's the whole story.

One person, one woman, trying to support her family and the best her company--heck, our nation--could offer her was to pay $600 per month for health care insurance.

She rightly and truly pointed out, too, that this didn't include the huge, thousands of dollars minimums she'd have to pay first if there were any health care needs nor does it include the co-pays.

That alone is, as the headline says, obscene and immoral.

Is it any wonder health care costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy in this nation?

The second example was from a co-worker, by chance, this afternoon. I heard her talking that she had, some time ago, gone to her doctor's office and had some sort of health care episode of some kind. She was in her doctor's office by coincidence, for something else, entirely. The doctor's office was physically attached to the hospital. One could go through the hallways to get there.

Once she started having this "episode"--I don't know what the ailment was--they told the doctor's staff, naturally. That staff informed the woman they would not only call an ambulance but that--get this--THEY HAD TO CALL THE AMBULANCE.  She couldn't go through the building or even go around to the front door or something. An ambulance had to be called, she had to be put into it and be taken to the emergency entrance.

So that's what happened.

And because of that, she was billed $800.

$800 for an ambulance trip, AROUND THE BUILDING, not even a block, that took seconds.

This is a woman who doesn't make a great deal of money, ladies and gentlemen.

We seem to not have any sense when it comes to health care in this nation. We're all about companies and corporations making loads of money and having big profits but we don't care about the costs.


We, the US, are the only nation in the world that ties health and health care to profit and profits.

Consequently, we are the only nation that has citizens that go bankrupt due to health care costs.

We are the only nation that has people die because they can't afford treatment. We are the only nation that has people die because they can't afford insulin, as just one perfect example.

We just are not very bright. In spite of what we tell ourselves.


Americans are dying because they can’t afford insulin

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Notes On the Southern Wall and This Government Shutdown

Yes, let's make two notes, two points about this Southern border wall Mr. Trump wants and his Federal Government shutdown.

First, there's this.

There Is No Crisis At The Border - And DHS Stats Prove It


Southwest Border Apprehensions and Individuals “Inadmissible” at Ports of Entry Compared by Fiscal Year
FY 2018
FY 2017
FY 2016
FY 2015
FY 2014
FY 2013
Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The report reflected reality: Border Patrol apprehensions along the Southwest border plummeted by approximately 80%, from a high of over 1.6 million in FY 2000, to around 300,000 in FY 2017. (Apprehensions are considered a proxy for illegal entry, so the fewer apprehensions, the less illegal entry.)

Ironically, the government’s own data show that illegal entry by family units is actually down in FY 2018...

And then, on this, the Christmas, holidays, Federal Government shutdown, there is this.

Let's never forget.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

It Has Been An Incredible Day Full of Revelations On and About Mr. Trump

Three-quarters of CEOs say they've apologized for Trump's rhetoric

Yes sir, it's been a big, big media day for Mr. President Donald Trump, for sure.

First, there are not one. Not two. Not three, four or five but there now 17 different formal investigations into this Trump Presidential administration. They are:
  1. Russian Gov’t’s election attack
  2. Wikileaks
  3. Middle Eastern influence
  4. Paul Manafort’s activity
  5. Trump Tower Moscow project
  6. Other campaign & transition contacts with Russia
  7. Obstruction of justice
  8. Campaign Conspiracy & the Trump Organization’s Finances
  9. Inauguration funding
  10. Trump Super PAC funding
  11. Foreign lobbying
  12. Maria Butina and the NRA
  13. Elen Alekseevna Khusyaynova
  14. Turkish influence
  15. Tax case
  16. Trump Foundation
  17. Emoluments lawsuit
You can get more background here:

Not done there, this news and article also broke today.

"A survey of 134 American CEOs was conducted during last week's Yale CEO Summit in New York."

What they're concerned about? Check out their number one concern.

1. President Donald Trump

Naturally, Mr. Trump figures in 3 out of the four.

2. The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou — and Trump's potential intervention.

3. A recession caused by political instability.

Some information on this one:

Half of respondents expressed fear the US could wind up in a recession by the end of the year.


Sixty-seven per cent blamed political instability in the nation and trade negotiations.

More from CEOs on Mr. Trump.

Three-quarters of CEOs say they've apologized for Trump's rhetoric

Three-quarters of CEOs said they find themselves apologizing to international partners about the president's rhetoric, according to a survey of attendees at the Yale School of Management's CEO summit. The invitation-only meeting, which took place in New York last week, claimed 134 attendees, including the CEOs of Ford, Morgan Stanley and Verizon, according to The New York Times.
The people who should, you might think, be for this man since he's for little government regulation and low corporate taxes but they have to apologize for this man's, for our leader's actions and words.

And in spite of the CEOs having to make these apologies for him, for us, Mr. Trump thinks he's doing a bangup job. Why, just ask him.

Here we go:

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign team appears to have issued its first ad, with a message calling on "every Trump supporter" to call an 800 number to thank the president for his leadership...

In the ad, 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale makes the claim that Trump has "achieved more during his time in office than any president in history."

Next up, today, at least for now, there is his folding like a cheap suit.

He had promised his supporters and threatened the Democrats and Congress that he wanted his border wall on the Southern border, all 5 billion dollars of it. He said if he didn't get it, he'd shut down the government.

For whatever good reason--common sense struck?--he backed off. That's what people do who are only committed to themselves and money. He has no allegiances or commitments to anything but, again, himself, his own perceived, best self-interests and yes, money. That's it with this guy.

Finally, there is this and it is, by itself, huge.

Check out that first paragraph--

“The Trump Foundation — the charitable foundation started by President Donald Trump years before he became a presidential candidate, which New York's top prosecutor said exhibited a ‘shocking pattern of illegality’ — will dissolve according to a court filing.”

But wait. There’s more:

“Our petition detailed a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation — including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more… This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests."

Then there’s the good news.

“It does not stop the lawsuit by AG’s office has filed against the foundation, which was formed in 1987, and that action will continue”

So who knows what's next with this man? There's no telling what he'll do or say or tweet, of course, as we've seen in these 2 bizarre first years. And with the Mueller investigation's results not even released yet, the only thing we can count on is more unpredictability.

God help us.

God help us all.