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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Incredible Kansas City History: On this day, February 25, 1870

Kansas City has some incredible history and in lots of ways. Today's date points out one more.

The nation's first African-American Congressman, Senator was from--you guessed it--right here in the Kansas City area.
Hiram Rhoades Revels was destined for greatness. Born in the 1820s (historical accounts vary on the exact year) he fought at the Battle of Vicksburg and served as a chaplain for the Union Army. And, reportedly at the request of Fredrick Douglas, helped recruit and organize black soldiers during the Civil War. In Missouri, and two other states, Revels was an educator, and in 1865, founded and led St. Paul A.M.E. Church in nearby Independence, MO. Years later, he also became the first African American U.S. Senator in Mississippi, filling the seat vacated by Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy.

So the first African-American member of Congress, Senator, was from right here in our own area.


And so few of us know it.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

How qre KCPT's "Week In Review" and "Ruckus" Not Racist?

What do you call a news program in a major city of America that only has white people on it, discussing what are supposed to be local issues?
Not one African-American. Not one Hispanic or Latina/Latino. Nothing.

Only white people.

What is that but racist?

On both programs' panels, not one "person of color." "Ruckus" did, this week, have the head of our local Jazz Museum, Rashida Phillips on at the beginning of the program but no minority, save a woman, on the panel.

Only white people can give answers to what our problems are and what the solutions might be?

And how, exactly, can people like Dave Helling and Steve Kraske and Mike Mahoney support and continue to support this and these programs?

Why does the local Hispanic media like Dos Mundos support this group?

Saturday, February 8, 2020

KCPT's Lily-White, Bleached-White "Ruckus" and "Week in Review" Save Kansas City Again!

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Yessiree. Here we go again. One more week of KCPT and Mike Shanin saving the city, saving us all with four lily, bleached-white Caucasians on the panel of the weekly "news" program "Ruckus."

Not one African-American.

Not one HIspanic or Latino/Latina.



They show African-Americans and Hispanics in their promotional commercials and requests for funding and get this, they advertise that they're supported by the Hispanic community's Dos Mundos newspaper but actually have a minority person from the area on the program??


They did have 2 whole wimmin on the program so at least it wasn't completely all white males. There was at least ONE minority. I guess we have to be thankful for that.

Given that it's PBS and a publicly-funded program, you wouldn't think this would even be an issue. It is really stunning. Not only is it this way but it's been this way since KCPT began.

You'd think this was 1920's or 1940's or even 1960's America.

But it surely isn't.

In Mr. Shanin's and his program's defense, I will say that they TALKED about inviting a black female singer to be on the program. In the future.

Not done there, our PBS station KCPT also ran FOUR VERY WHITE PEOPLE, again, on "Week in Review."

Not one "person of color."

Honestly. It's stunning.

What chutzpah. What an insult.

It insults our intelligence as well as the audience, the entire city.

Come on, KCPT.

You should be FAR better than this.


Ruckus - KCPT

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Quote of the Day on This President and HIs Impeachment

Democratic Party Senator Brian Schatz, of Hawai'i, seemed to say it right and best Monday, I thought, about this President and his impeachment in the Senate.

 Trump in the Oval Office.

“There are millions of Americans that have formed a basic expectation about how a trial is to function, based on hundreds of years of law and based on their common sense. Make no mistake: what the senate did was an affront to the basic idea of a trial. And for all the crocodile tears of my colleagues, all the fake outrage at the accusation, we must call this what it was. It’s a cover-up.

I don’t know what Mulvaney or Bolton or Pompeo would say, I don’t know what the documents will illuminate, and I believe it is normally very dangerous to ascribe motives to fellow senators when criticizing their vote, but it is impossible for me to escape the conclusion that they don’t want to know, that they wanted to get this over with before the Superbowl, of all things. They are afraid of this house of cards falling all the way down.

As I look at the republican side of the chamber, I know this moment in history has made their particular jobs extraordinarily difficult, requiring uncommon courage. They have to risk the scorn of their voters, their social circle, their colleagues, and their president in order to do the right thing. On one level I knew the likely outcome, but the bitter taste of injustice lingers in my mouth.

On behalf of everyone who couldn’t get away with an unpaid traffic fine, is in jail for stealing groceries so that they could eat that night, who can’t get a job because of medical debt, I say shame on anyone who places this president or any president above the law. The president is not above the law. No one is above the law. The president is guilty on both counts.”

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A Friend Makes A Great Point About the Chiefs Parade Tomorrow

A friend wrote today on Facebook about our Kansas City Chiefs parade scheduled for tomorrow. I think he has it right.

Realtor, photographer Bob Travaglione:

DO THE RIGHT THING! Cancel the CHIEF'S Victory Parade on Wednesday! Move it to Saturday! We are on a Collision Course with a Major Ice and Snow Winter Storm on February 5, 2020! We waited 50 Years, why can't we Wait 3 More Days for the Safety of the Team and the Public? As a Photographer, we will have much better Photographs for the History of Kansas City Archives on a Non Snow and Ice Day! Plus that weather can be Deadly! It Ain't Worth Doing It! Don't Blow this One Day! There are NO DO-OVERS!

It makes sense. On Saturday, there isn't a forecast of snow, it's supposed to be warmer and far more could attend, all 3. Someone out there said the NFL requires any celebration like this is required to take place within 3 days of the win. That seems bizarre but I don't know if it's true. I can't imagine why they'd care, have this rule or why it effects them. I would also think they'd make exceptions for weather, as in this case, or other situations.

I don't think it will happen but it's a good thought. The current forecast does, yes, call for snow, but the expectations of total snow inches is about one inch.

Meanwhile, there is this:

Anyway, GO CHIEFS!!!