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Monday, July 4, 2016

The Lie That Is Republican "Trickle Down Economics"

It needs to be said---again and unfortunately.

"Trickle down", cut the taxes for the wealthy and corporations economic policy is nonsense. It doesn't work. It wrecks economies, in fact. It's a bold-faced lie.

And there's no better--or worse--example of that right now than in very Republican, very Conservative, very wrecked Senator Sam Brownback's state of Kansas, in spite of his denial(s).  Bill Maher makes this point and more recently, in this video. (Warning: expletives included---2 to be exact).

So Kansans, America, let's get over this nonsense. Let's throw that Republican, Conservative, Right Wing ridiculousness to the curb. We know better. We've seen it time and again and we've paid that price. Heck, Kansans are paying the price now, with empty tax coffers, slashed budgets and nothing to spend on their schools and students, the next generation.

Let's get rid of "trickle down" economics and all who promote this obscenity.

The sooner, the better.

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