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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tonight's Very Shrill GOP Debate

I can barely believe what I just heard.

I listened to a good deal of the Republican gubernatorial candidates debate on KCUR-FM radio (89.3 FM).

It was the most shrill, lopsided, emotional, inflamed, disconnected excuse for a responsible, adult debate and conversation I can imagine. Their responses to the recent Supreme Court decision on abortion in Texas alone shows it, too.  The Court pointed out, rightly, how completely unnecessary the Texas requirements of hospitals being no more than 30 miles away, as just one example, was trampled on by these demagoguing

I don't know what's worse, too. I'm not sure if it's Catherine "I'm Bought and Paid For By Rex Singquefield" Hanaway or the shrill, scary Eric "I'm Wearing My Military Service and Religion On My Sleeve" Greitens.

All of their descriptions of Hillary Clinton were outrageous and, again, emotional. If you listened to them, you'd think Mrs. Clinton was the devil incarnate.

The one thing I could agree with, from what I heard this evening, was that, so far, in this campaign, anyway, they say they'll support campaign finance legislation and ending people going straight from a government job to lobbying.  The real proof will be shown when/if any of them are elected, of course, and get in government.

The conclusion I've come to is that today's debates have absolutely been heavily, greatly influenced by the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine and so, the creation of especially the Fox Network.  It's what has given us these, again, shrill, emotional ranters, using fear or trying to, to get attention and votes. It's shameful.  It's also no way to run campaigns, elections or, especially, government.

We should all be smarter than this.

We need to demand more.  And better.

1 comment:

Rebecca Smith said...

I didn't hear this debate, but it sounds like what I would expect, based on their TV ads. Two of them have actually run ads which include their firing a gun! They all attack like crazy and seem to be scrupulously avoiding issues.

Thanks for the summary.