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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Notes and Observations of a Republican National Convention, Night One

Monday, Night 1

So, what was that entrance, Donald Trump?

According to one of the panelists just now on PBS, Melania Trump doesn't want Donald to be president, either.

Suddenly I like her.

Good God. Tom Cotton.

If there's a bigger, more empty demagogue, I don't know them.

Tom Cotton, a nearly bleached white boy from Arkansas, saying we're all born equal.

If he were any less informed someone would have to tell him how to breathe.

"No enemy the American military can't defeat....."

Well, except Vietnam.

And Iraq.

And Afghanistan.

For the Republicans, at this political party convention of theirs, to bemoan the shootings in our nation of late when they and their blinding support of guns and the NRA and their constant blocking of required background checks for mental stability and criminal history all got us to where we are is nearly maddening.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, bitching about not enough jobs in America. Not one Republican in Congress all the way back to 2008, ever wrote, proposed or tried to pass a jobs/infrastructure bill for those jobs, improved infrastructure and a rejuvenated economy.

Then he goes on to say "Donald Trump will kill Obama trade."


He wants more jobs but then he wants to kill "Obama trade"?

What the hell is Obama trade?

What is that old fool rambling about?

"Thank you to the Cleveland Police Department for protecting us!"

---Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani

But we are not honoring your request to deny open carry of weapons at our convention!

How rich is that, for Republicans, now, to claim Hillary is a liar?

Compared to Donald Trump?

"Donald Trump loves all people!"

--Rudy Giuliani

Yeah, just not Muslims. Or Mexicans. Or gays. Or women. Or the poor. Or the disabled or physically-challenged.

If the Republicans didn't want the power and the White House back again, they would be embarrassed. Embarrassed by this candidate Donald Trump. And they would know they should be.

I hope the Democratic Party doesn't miss out on the opportunity to hear from an underwear model and their opinion on this campaign for the leader of the nation for at least the next 4 years.

Stephen Colbert is savaging The Donald on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert just now. It's pretty wonderful.

The Republican National Convention, 2016.

The gift that keeps on giving.

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