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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KCMO Police Dept: Credit where it's due

So many times, with so many things, if something is done badly, everyone screams bloody murder about it.  Right?

You bet.

But done right, done correctly?

Virtually no matter what it is, with too few exceptions, certainly, you don't hear a thing.

That seems especially true with any government office, in general, but police departments, perhaps, particularly.

So when I saw an article at the Star about how the KCMO Police Department apprehended and arrested 3 men for a "robbery attempt" ahead of the robbery---before it even happened, I had questions.

The biggest question was how did they do that?

How did they arrest 3 men for a robbery attempt BEFORE it happenend?

It sounded like something out of Tom Cruise's "Minority Report" movie, of course, with the police arresting people prior to an act.  Again, how could and did they do that?

So it was an interesting article to read (see link below) and I have to say, kudos, salutations and congratulations to these officers and the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department for a terrific job, extremely well done.

If you read the article--as everyone in KCMO should--you can see it took some homework and at least 3 mornings in a row of extremely early wakeup calls.  (Wanna' deride it?  YOU get yer butt outta' bed 3 days in a row at about 4 am to catch some would-be thieves, try to remain anonymous and be successful in catching the clowns.  See if you like it or it's easy.)

Just don't forget:  "Let's be careful out there."



Groucho K. Marx said...

We can also "credit" the cops delivering "severe facial trauma" to one of the suspects after the chase.


Mo Rage said...

I wasn't there.

I didn't read that. I'll check it out.

Mo Rage said...

so what's your source for that information?

Dr. Ernest Evans said...

Dear Mr. Kevin: Thanks for posting this item. Important to give credit where credit is due--yes, cops get paid--but where police forces feel that their public does not give a damn about them then morale collapses and crime soars. This has long been a problem in KCMO with the city's political class--several years back I sent a thank-you note to a KCPD officer for courage in the line of duty--he wrote me back: "Dr. Evans, I have worked 10 years in a very dangerous neighborhood--you are the first citizen to thank me, and you don't even live in KCMO." Memo to the city's political class: On 9/11 several hundred cops, firefighters and emergency service workers died rescuing people at the Twin Towers--there were no reported cases of famous rap muscicians, abortion clinic doctors or investigative reporters rushing into the Twin Towers to save people they did not know. Remember that fact when you start sorting out who are the important people in our society. Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans

Mo Rage said...

We're always quick to criticize.

And slow to show appreciation, if it happens at all.