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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Worst intersection in the metropolitan area

Could there be a worse, more congested and so, dangerous intersection in the area than the mess that is I-435 West, out South, as it connects to I-35 North and South?

A one-lane exit ramp that comes off 3 or 4 lanes and goes into BOTH the North and South directions of I-35.

When not that many people lived out in Olathe and Gardner and Paola, it was fine but how many years ago was that?

I was out there a week or two ago and it was backed up at least a mile or more.  And I believe it happens daily, Monday through Friday, at minimum.

Finally, with the Kansas State budget the way it is, don't expect a fix any time too soon.  I can't imagine KDoT has money in the budget to tackle what would most surely be a multi-million dollar expansion, that would give more lanes to dump into I-35.

It gets my vote.

And that's why I stay away.

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