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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pylons at entrance to city finally repaired

I've complained about these pylons on the Broadway extension for some time.  You know the ones?  They're just after or before the Briarcliff exit, depending if you're headed South or North, respectively, on this 169 highway.

After having them inoperable for at least 2 years--during which time I wrote in to the Kansas City Star's ombudsman about them--and also phoned in to the city's 311 phone line about a month ago--I see they are finally, finally fixed.

It made no sense that we--the city of Kansas City, Missouri--built these things as a way of welcoming people into the city and then to have them sit there, broken, not working.  They were virtually brand new, for pity's sake.  What sense did that make?

The ones at the foot of the Broadway bridge seemed to work fine and nicely.  Why shouldn't this 2nd set work?

So I'm pleased to see they're up again, as they should be.  They really are a nice welcome to the city--very pleasing to the eye and fun.

And I see the water main leak on this same stretch is fixed, apparently, so it's open again at the old municipal airport, thank goodness.

We really should be "The City That Works."

That would be nice.  (Get that Mayor?)

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