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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The book--and the bookstore--vs. "readers"

I have to say, I'm all about technology.

I'm on Facebook, as any of my friends will tell you (oh, boy, am I ever) and I LOVE iPads and iPhones and iPods.  (I had an old "Shuffle" but it broke.  I want an iPad so badly it nearly hurts).

But I was killing some time this week and went into one of the remaining dinosaurs of our world, anymore.

I went into a private, small, local and locally-owned bookstore.

To be specific, I went into Rainy Day Books in Fairway.  (It's not far from my daughter's house).


Just wandering the aisles, looking at all the different books, the sizes, the colors, the textures, the stories, everything, it occurred to me that this is what a computer or e-book "reader" doesn't give or deliver.

Sure, you can still hold your Kindle or whatever but the book?  And the bookstore?

This is where I remain a luddite.  Or druid, or something.

Give me that "old time religion" of the book, with all its texture and maybe even clumsiness.

But it's richness and depth, too.


Anonymous said...

I had some similiar thought, thinking of all the people who would go out of business producing the books and book cases. Also some books are jewels to keep and wonder at. I like being able to look at my book to find out who wrote that great mystery or to find a wonderful poem.

Carol Wong

The Observer said...

As much as I love the internet and have fun with it, I still love the texture, feel and place of books and newspapers.

I got an e reader for Christmas. I am happy to receive it and anticipate using it happily but if a book really grabs me, I won't be surprised that I will seek out the print edition.

Thanks for the good post that reminds me that I am not alone in my joy for the physical object!