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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The meaning of Christmas

What's great about Christmas--and getting older--is that, once you've learned that giving is what it's all about and you've accepted that, long ago, you also get to the point where re-connecting with long-time friends is what Christmas and the holidays is all about, too.

And here's where technology comes in and helps.

Yesterday, I texted "Merry Christmas" to every friend I had in my phone, and for whom it was appropriate and warranted.  Naturally, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a nuisance to any.  ( hope and assume it wasn't).

And I think I surprised--pleasantly surprised--some of those old friends.  Several, at least, I think and in fact.

Some had moved away.

Others I just hadn't spoken to in a long time.

It was nice.

I hope you re-connected--or that you do--this holiday season.

Merry Christmas.


Radioman KC said...

I haven't actually figured out how to text... I'm just getting the blog thing down.

No kids in town yet. Grandmas Sunday. so its been a quiet christmas of cleaning, spoiling the animals and cooking.

Prime rib tonight just two of us. Yum yum. Thanks for your friendship and progressive moral support.

Mo Rage said...

Shoot, thanks for your friendship, back and forth banter and progressive support, moral and otherwise.

All the best to you--and to us--in the new year.

We're going to need it.