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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is no one going to challenge the judge's partiality on his ruling??

This US District Judge Henry Hudson, who ruled that the Health Care Reform Act is unconstitutional this past week is a) a Republican (though I'll discount that) and b) the part-owner of a company that paid solid money for and fought health care reform this last Summer.

Can you say "highly biased"?

So I ask you, is no one, ahead of time, going to challenge this very partial clown on the fact that he should have recused himself from this case, since he was and is so clearly against health care reform and because he has "money in the game", so to speak, against there being any health care reform in this city? 

Is this ruling going to go on of it's own weight, without being questioned?

Does fairness play any role in this man's court?

Our courts?  Our judicial system?


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