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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A case of not wanting to be correct

What'd I say?

A couple of days ago I wrote how it maybe didn't make sense to be doing "war games" right next to those literally poor, delusional psychos over in North Korea.

So what happens?

Today's news:

War rhetoric rises between North and South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – One month after a deadly exchange of artillery fire, the two Koreas ramped up their rhetoric Thursday, with South Korea's president pledging unsparing retaliation if attacked again and a top North Korean official threatening a "sacred" nuclear war if provoked.

South Korean troops, tanks and fighter jets put on a thundering display of force as President Lee Myung-bak visited with soldiers at a base near the border, while North Korea's elite marked a key military anniversary by lashing out at the South for encouraging war.
For both countries, the rallying cries and military maneuvers mainly seemed designed to build support at home. But they raised fears anew of all-out war on a peninsula that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson called a "tinderbox" after returning from a visit to the North Koreancapital this week.
I hope we can scale back from this lunacy.
Enough saber-rattling, guys.
Men.  Men and their testosterone.
Let's hope it's a "merry little Christmas" and a very happy new year.

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