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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Most stunning to me

What is most stunning to me, just now, at this moment in time, is how totally disconnected most Americans around me are to the fact that so many fellow-Americans are falling in economic ranks and becoming part of the lower class, after having been formerly solidly middle-class their entire lives.

It seems no one is paying attention to what is happening to their/our country.

And to their fellow countrymen.

Y'all aren't reading anything, are you?

Some examples/offerings:


Sevesteen said...

Everyone knows we are taking on water--the problem is the solutions. Some want to bail, others want to drill drain holes--and the drill crew complains about obstructionism when anyone interferes with their efforts.

Mo Rage said...

The "man on the street"--here, anyway--and our representatives in Washington, from what I read in the paper and see on the the news, don't yet seem concerned about any such problem. That's how it's coming across to me.

All the Republicans going to Washington in January seem concerned about is cutting spending and making sure our president fails.

We'll have to stay tuned, I guess.