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Monday, December 20, 2010

South Carolina: Amazingly still fighting the Civil War (that they lost)

I don't suppose you saw this, did you?  South Carolina is--yes--actually going to celebrate, yes, celebrate the beginning of the Civil War.

That is some stunning ignorance.

Check this out:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Starting Monday, South Carolina will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War with a series of events that underscore the state's central role in that titanic, tragic struggle.

Two of the first events scheduled to mark the anniversary — a privately sponsored secession ball Monday in Charleston and an effort to display the original Ordinance of Secession — show just how divisive the Civil War remains.

There is some internal protest against it, thank goodness, and they see it for what it is, at least in part, and that is that it is a "a celebration of treason and slavery."

If it's not that, it's nothing.

But hey, what the heck, this way a whole lotta' white people can get together and have lots of big parties.

For a whole year.

That is some kind of twisted sick.

Party on, South Carolina.

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