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Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm so old...

I remember when Stumbleupon was owned by Stumbleupon.

I remember when Stumbleupon didn't have advertisements for Facebook and other social sites.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? I'm so old I don't even know what Stumbleupon is. I also remember a time when the only computers in the world were owned by the government. And, email was something known as "The U.S. Postal Service. Stamps were * cents, gas was 45 cents a gallon and milk was less than a dollar a gallon. But, I must admit, I love email while snail mail annoys the piss out of me and I don't care how much a gallon milk cost so long as I have enough money to feed the kids. I do have it-for now. Thanks for the Stumbleupon post-now, I must google this and see what you're talking about.