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Friday, December 17, 2010

Just the latest Funkhouser lawsuit---and what it's going to the city

I just saw this over at TKC and his link to the Star's Primebuzz site:

Shawn Pierce case v. Funkhouser resolved

by Mike Mansur
A former aide to Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser has “agreed in principle” to settle a lawsuit against the mayor and the city.
Sources familiar with the settlement said the amount was about $125,000.
Shawn Pierce had alleged in a lawsuit filed in January that he was victim of retaliatory termination because he had sided with Ruth Bates.
Bates, of course, is the former mayoral aide who sued Funkhouser, his wife, Gloria Squitiro, and the city for alleged harassment and discrimination. The city ultimately settled that lawsuit for $550,000, while Squitiro’s insurance company settled Bates’ claim against Squitiro for $45,000.

Someone please do the homework--the Star?  Dave Helling?  Steve Kraske?--and total up all the lawsuits and their corresponding dollars and tell us, the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri, just exactly how much, to date, these two have cost us.  Will you?  Please?  I know one of them was for $550,000.00, as this post says. 
Wasn't there one or two more or was that it? 
The fact is, besides the fact that we have gotten virtually zero leadership from this terribly not-dynamic duo (the Funk and his Squirt), they will have also, now, cost us, the citizens of Kansas City, and besides our additional self-respect, a minimum of $675,000.00 and any progress we might have otherwise made in this city.  Progress that could have been in neighborhoods and/or in fighting the shootings and killings in the city and/or fixing the infrastructure, all because we might otherwise have had a mayor--wife or no wife--who DID work with others and cooperated and compromised for the progress of the city.
But no, we had to have the Funk for our mayor.

I don't ever, ever remember a mayor who cost his or her city money because they were sued and sued repeatedly.  Do you?
The last laugh?
He's running for mayor again, as we all know.
I'd only laugh but he does have an outside chance at it.

Here's a terrific idea for the new year:  Mark Funkhouser, Gloria Squitiro and Clay Chastain all have to do the same thing--that is, go away.  Just go away, you three, just please go away.

Here's hoping.
Try to have a great weekend, y'all.

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