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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's wrong with our banking system.... and nation

One of the big things that's wrong with our country--the bankers, running it.

Check this out:

Blythe Masters of JPMorgan. Regulators initially said she lied to them under oath about the bank's energy trading tactics.

This is a real beauty.

On top of all else JP Morgan has done for themselves but against the American people and against the country, here's one of their executives who a) apparently lied to a court, under oath then, b) said she did (lied to the court) so that c) "the nation's top energy regulator is poised to extract a record settlement from JPMorgan Chase over manipulated power markets" but, voila!, d) this JP Morgan Chase executive is going to apparently get off, scott-free from any charges.

JPM Chase will no doubt pay a huge fine, a penalty, then disavow any guilt and again, the executive will walk.

Isn't that just a nice, neat little package?

I'm sure the same would happen for you or I, even though we're middle- or lower-class and have no such millions or billions of dollars behind us.


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