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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Congress' continued work for the wealthy. And corporations

From The New York Times today, news that the Senate and House can keep in millions and billions for war and defense and weapons of war we don't need--or even use--but nothing for "the least of us":

As the Times said:  "By brutally stripping food aid from its farm bill, the House ended a tradition of decency."

Then, on top of that, this one:

"Legislation specifically exempted many programs that benefit low-income Americans, but virtually none aiding American Indians were included."

Not that we, as Americans, ever really showed that we gave a collective damn about Native Americans, though, right?

One last note. This same group of government legislators also want to strip out two tax deductions:
It seems these two tax credits that help build up and rejuvenate poorer neighborhoods--and so, the poor--are being considered for elimination.

Nice, huh?

Our legislators just keep heaping benefits on the wealthy and corporations while they take from the poor.

Yay, us, huh?

How is it the churches and religious people--the ones who are supposed to be "moral"--aren't screaming about these atrocities?

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