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Sunday, July 7, 2013

But for the hugely stupid and illegal Iraq War

Thank you, George W. Bush and Company.


Ernest Evans said...

Dear Mr. Kevin: Yes, the Iraq War was a disaster--but it was both national party's disaster. The Democrats now insist that they were "lied into supporting the war" by false intelligence on Iraqi WMD's. This is not what happened. In the summer of 2002, several months before the Congressional vote authorizing the Iraq War, the Democratic establishment had a major meeting to decide their policy on the Iraq
War. Paul Begala and James Carville argued strongly that it was essential that as many Democrats as possible support the invasion of Iraq so that the party could shield itself from charges of being "soft on terrorism." Most of the Party's leaders accepted this advice--let it not be forgotten that John Kerry, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Dick Gephardt, Joe Biden all supported the resolution authorizing an invasion of Iraq. These "leaders" could have cared less if the Iraqis did or did not have WMD's--this was about demonstrating the Party's "toughness." And, what was the price of this exercise in demonstrating "toughness"? 4600 dead young Americans, 1700 amputees, thousands and thousands with physical or psychological needs. This, of course, is how people in Washington show that they are "tough": They get a lot of people they don't know killed or maimed. Pardon my bitterness, but I have several hundred former students who served in Iraq, and so my tolerance for cowardly Washington politicians is not high. Sincerely and Respectfully, Ernest Evans

Mo Rage said...


First, the Iraq War IS a disaster--a total disaster, for the military, for the men and women who went and died in it, for the men and women who now suffer physically and/or mentally from it, etc., etc., and then it's a disaster fiscally, as well, of course, as we're paying for it monetarily, now, and will for decades, as well as the toll it took on American prestige in the world.

The fact is, however, the facts are that the George W. Bush Administration--including Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz--all of them--lied to people within the administration and those without, including the American people and said this was not only what we should do--attack Iraq offensively-- but that it was a good and important idea.

As we found out, nothing could have been further from the truth.

And the administration lied to Congress, too, Ernest, don't kid yourself.

Internally, 13 security agencies warned the officials in Dubya's administration that there was no good reason to attack Iraq.

Further, let's never, every forget that the 2nd Iraq War was against our own, internal, national laws as well as all the external, international laws, too.

So don't let anyone, anyone from Dubya's administration "off the hook", so to speak, by saying or suggesting or thinking that what they did was "okay" because others went along with them. It wasn't okay. It patently wasn't. It wasn't then, it isn't now. What the people from that presidential administration did was a travesty, at least. It was a travesty of anything like justice, it was a travesty of law and laws, it was a travesty of logic and common sense and it was a travesty of decency, intelligence and morality.

Very respectfully and most sincerely,


ERnest Evans said...

DEar Mr. Kevin: You make a lot of good points about the Bush Administration and the Iraq War, none of which I dispute. My point is simply this war was the result not just of Bush and his people being obsessed with invading Iraq, which they were long before 9/11, but of the failure of the Democrats and the media to demand answers from the Administration before signing on to this crazy idea. And, that they did not do--the Democrats and the press were terrified of being accused of being "unpatriotic" and "soft on terrorism"--so they gave Bush et al a pass. In studies of alchoholism there is a term "the enablers"--the people who enable the alchoholic to continue drinking because they will not take steps to stop him/her. With respect to the Iraq War, the Democrats and the media were the Bush Administration's "enablers." Take care and God bless!! In Christ, Ernest Evans