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Friday, July 19, 2013

39 Steps--wrong steps, from the House of Representatives

39 times.

Our own US House of Representatives proposed 39 different bills in Washington, all to undo the Affordable Care Act--"Obamacare."

39 times.

39 proposals.

39 votes.

All that time, all that energy, wasted.

And all that time and energy to help the health insurance companies and corporations make and keep big, big money, all on the backs of working Americans.

Did they propose a jobs bill?

Did they propose an infrastructure/construction/projects bill so we can update our roads and bridges and highways and, at the same time, create work and jobs and paychecks for those same working Americans?

You bet they didn't.

Not once.

Not one.

We've had 2 bridges in our nation collapse and I say again, our own Interstate 70, from St. Louis and Illinois on the East through Columbia to Kansas City and the Kansas border on the West needs updating and widening and improving horribly yet Congress proposes and votes 39 times on eliminating this helpful, strong legislation that already happens to be law.

In case you missed this article yesterday, see how much it's already helping over one half million New Yorkers, already:

Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

And it's been documented as helping plenty of other people, too, in the country, in California,

Other hard proof of the help and benefits of "Obamacare":

The Obamacare Shock

Obama Pushes Back Against Efforts To Undermine Health Law

Obamacare will help drive down health care costs

What's magnificent, too, about all this is that the health insurance companies can raise and are raising the costs for health care insurance which benefits them in the short term but also benefits them because it appears that this legislation, "Obamacare", is causing the increases in costs.  It's beautiful for them, if not deeply, deeply cynical, immoral and virtually inhumane.

Ironically, "big business" needs these fixes of Obamacare and has been calling for help of this sort for years, too.

This is insane. It's hypocritical, it's against the American people and it's wrong.  These votes need to end.  Congress needs to pass a budget and we need, again, a jobs/projects/infrastructure bill, along with immigration reform but they waste their time and our money on this.

It's maddening, obscene and grossly wrong, is a lot of ways and needs to end.

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