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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More craziness--and huge hypocrisy--out of Texas

First Texans were angry they couldn't get more millions out of the federal government for the West, Texas explosion and catastrophe, recently:

Texas wants federal disaster aid it refused to give others

It seems the Uncle Sugar agreed to give millions to Texas, to support them after this horrible tragedy but Republican, "Small Government" Rick Perry, his cohorts and other Republicans came back, hat in hand, asking for more.

The feds said they thought it was enough, first, and that Texas had plenty of money to draw from, too, to boot, for their troubles.

Well, the current situation, with that same Governor Perry calling out yet a second special session of their legislature, this time to pass yet another very harsh, very restrictive measure  on abortion and women's reproductive rights seems to clearly make that point:

So they're saying they need money, federal money yet they had first one extra and expensive special session of their legislature and now they're having a second.

And all so they can limit women's reproductive rights which, by the way, were declared legal decades ago.


And grossly hypocritical.

Don't say you're broke and then blow at least many more thousands of dollars on arbitrary sessions of legislature that could and should be avoided.

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