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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We're going to kill ourselves

There was another great, rather important article on NPR yesterday about Monsanto, farmers in the country and insecticides:

Crop consultant Dan Steiner inspects a field of corn near Norfolk, Neb.

Really, fascinating.

It seems the genetically-modified seeds that Monsanto created some years ago have--SURPRISE!!--evolved (take that, Right Wing Christians!) and so now they aren't as effective keeping parasitic bugs away.

Imagine that.

Wouldn't Charles Darwin have told us this was bound to happen?

Couldn't ANY scientist have told us that is PRECISELY what would happen, given enough time?

I mean, come on.  The little guys who couldn't take it died. The ones who could, lived and then their offspring lived.  Sheesh.  It's not that complicated.

And the thing is, now, the farmers are buying up yet more and more insecticides, for pity's sake, to spray on their crops--our food, thank you--in order TO KILL THE BUGS.
In the first place, that's what Monsanto said their seeds would do. That is, repel the bugs.

Second, again, Monsanto should have known this would happen. For that matter, the farmers should have known.  Heck we all knew better and we aren't growing the stuff.

So now the farmers will all start getting sick again, applying the insecticide (it's in the article, straight from a farmer) and then the stuff is in our food, in our food supply.

This is no way to live, folks, no way to grow our food.  It makes no sense.

The article also points out the solution, too.  You likely heard it in grade school.  I know I did.

All the farmers have to do is rotate their crops.

That's right, all they have to do to avoid these problems is grow a different crop, simple as that.

But then they won't be growing the big cash-cow crop that is, right now, corn.

So instead, we're going to poison ourselves.


We'll be sick, at minimum, those of us who don't get cancer or other diseases but we'll have out corn.

Oh, and our money.



Donna said...

How about that? Here's something you and I agree on.

Mo Rage said...

Hey, to be fair, this is the 2nd thing we agree on. The first being that we need to get the big money out of our politics and government, remember?