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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What we've become

We've become a nation that is more driven for business than nearly anything else.

We are a nation that lets corporations gain their annual increases in profits and obscene executive salaries, again, at the cost of our society and at the cost of that same corporation's own employees and even clients and customers.

People suffer, literally, so corporations can make more money. (See the following movies: "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room", "Food, Inc.", "Sicko", read the book "Sick" about our health care system, read nearly anything lately about Goldman Sachs, the banking industry in the United States currently, etc., etc.).

Then there's our gun culture.

Guns and gun holders are coddled so we can have all-important "gun rights" and people can have as many guns as they want and carry them virtually anywhere and do almost anything with them.

Yesterday, here in Kansas City, an innocent woman from Kansas, employed by the Kansas Department of Education went with her 13-year old daughter and Mother-in-Law to the venerable, old and well-known Starlight Theater to see a performance. While driving away, a stray bullet hit and killed her.

Can you imagine the horror of her daughter and Mother-in-Law?

But will anything be done about our culture that, in the first place, wants all these guns and that, secondly, uses them, at whatever time, place and direction they want?

Randomly shooting their gun in a city neighborhood.

The police had been in the area earlier that same day, on reports of people shooting their guns.

Then this happened.

So the police naturally came back.

Yesterday, I predicted here that the local newspaper would cover this story on the front page of this morning's Sunday paper.

Not so.

Apparently they were all set to go with other stories. They covered, instead, Tom Watson's golf game and his comeback, at his advanced age.

Great priorities.

And the "shooting season" of hot summer in town hasn't even really begun.

What we've become as a nation and city and culture--it isn't pretty.



Anonymous said...

Ted Nugent For President!

PFL0W said...

thank God that's not a possibility

Anonymous said...

The ones who shot that gun I am sure did not care one bit if Nugent is president. They probably don't even know who he is. They also don't care about life. And they sure don't know how to handle a gun. Long live the NRA.

PFL0W said...

Ted Nugent? I can't imagine anyone too much more irrelevant than Ted Nugent, to them--whoever "them" is--or to most of America.

Anonymous said...

They/Them are the ones who shot the gun. You are right. Ted is irrelevant to them. If he was relevant,they wouldn't handle a gun like that. They sure don't care about life either.

PFL0W said...

the number of racists in Kansas City that read and read blogs stuns me.

Anonymous said...

Saul Alinsky is dead.

PFL0W said...

Fortunately and clearly, his work lives on after him

Anonymous said...

It took years but one of the most read by conservative now is Alinsky. We can use that crap also. Ted does a very good job at it.

Don't get comfortable.

Ted Nugent for President may not be that far out.

Unless you put us in concentration camps.

PFL0W said...

you'd rather talk about "the liberals" putting you in concentration camps than working with your fellow Americans--liberals, independents, everyone--to improve the country.

that's sad, unfortunate and really misguided.