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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Republican Senators are losing their collective minds

First, the good news: the Senate defeated a bill proposed by Republican Senators that would have allowed gun owners with conceal-and-carry permits to transport their weapons across state lines.

Thank God for that.

The bad news is that it was proposed at all.

At what point will the madness with guns for Republicans and the NRA stop?

Do we have to have guns everywhere, like fast-food restaurants, churches and banks--some on every street corner?

What proposal for the distribution of guns will they NOT come up with?

"The legislation, an amendment to the defense-appropriations bill...was opposed by more than 400 mayors, top law-enforcement officials and some of the victims' families from the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, in which the gunman killed 32 people before committing suicide."

I should think so.

But naturally, it was proposed by a bunch of Republicans and supported a few knuckleheaded Democrats, unfortunately, and the ever-present, ever-pushing NRA.


Can you imagine how police departments would be against this? That's all they need is more guns, flowing through more states, willy-nilly.

Get this--that pea-brain Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid voted for it. Sure he's from Nevada but do the right thing, Senator. This was stupid and a mistake for the country.

This past week, as I wrote earlier, we had a lady from the Kansas Department of Education who was leaving the area's Starlight Theater that was shot by a stray bullet in that neighborhood.

She was killed.

She was killed with her 13 year old daughter in the car.

She was killed in front of her Mother-in-Law.

And we need more guns, flowing easier from state to state?

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