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Monday, July 6, 2009

Scary, shallow stuff

Yesterday, I took a moment to read some letters to the editor in the local paper, The Kansas City Star, and got reintroduced to some pretty brutal ignorance.

One man wrote rather heatedly about how horrible the "Liberal Agenda" is:

Sick of the liberal agenda

"I would have to agree with Noelle Moll (6/29, Letters) that those pushing for government health care are playing with the numbers. But what are a few embellishments or downright lies when it comes to getting your agenda rammed down the throats of the American people? That’s business as usual for this administration and this Congress, whether it’s the bailout, global warming, the auto industry, funding for ACORN, health care, Big Oil — it goes on and on.

They lie to get elected, they lie to hang on to the power they receive once they get elected, and then they abuse it at the expense of the American taxpayer. And we’re supposed to respect them because they are elected officials, yet they have no respect for us. The government has no interest in facts if they get in the way of the agenda, and the media have no interest in the truth if it doesn’t sell."

Mark Haskell, Olathe

Big Oil? He's complaining about Big Oil now, when George W. Bush--Mr. Big Oil himself--already left the White House? That's rich.

I have news for Mr. Haskell--unless he's wealthy, that health care fix the President, Democrats and all us "Liberals" want is because, as most any doctor will tell you, the system is horribly broken, expensive and in need of repair and replacement and it's for all Americans. Mr. Haskell is, at minimum, middle class with health care coverage and, predictably, healthy up to this point and without any history of medical problems of his own.

Then there's the people from Central Missouri on Highway 13 who wrote "Obama is America's Hitler Goodbye Freedom" on the road.


The last President we had--and that for all 8 years--took away all kinds of personal Constitutional rights and these people were fine with it. Apparently, if the guy doing it is white, it's all okay because, hey, he's "one of us", right?

But if the next President faces the same problems and he's from the "other party" and, worst of all, African-American, well, surely, then, he's coming to take our guns and put Socialism deeply into our government.


I don't know how you go from that first logic to the second but a lot of people both in this area and country, think just this way.

They're uninformed, they're angry, they're armed and they're convinced they're absolutely well-informed and correct, both.

A dangerous, dangerous situation.

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May said...

Totally agree that people here are so misinformed and thorougly convinced they know everhthing. It's horrible! Some guy at the post office was going off about socialized health care yesterday and 80% of what he said was total BS pretending to be fact. The ignorant people here is really making me want to move away

Hyperblogal said...

My doctor can't wait for a single payer system with emphasis on primary, preventive care. She will be able to practice a wider range of medicine without 58 different kind of reimbursement forms. What she might lose in compensation she'll more than make up in office time saving.

PFL0W said...

The fact is, the American health care system is broken. Wealthy people know it. Middle Class people know it. Poor people REALLY know it. Corporations know it and want a solution. Doctors and hospitals know it.

The insurance industry is convinced it's working just fine, at minimum.