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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trying to make sense of insanity

The last few days, Kim Jong Il--the wacko President of otherwise-starving North Korea--keeps lobbing 300 mile range missiles out of his country, inexpicably.

Really, that guy is such a wack-job. Who can explain this nutcase?

And unless you're watching the news closely--I don't think most Americans are, at least not this weekend--most don't know it's happening.

So far he's just an errant, harmless psycopath.

Let's hope he stays that way--harmless, I mean.

Then there's that other nutjob of the north--Sarah Palin.

Holy cow.

What was that all about, yesterday?

All of a sudden, Ms. "I'm really not stupid white trash" says she doesn't want to be a quitter but--love this--quits, as Governor of her state of Alaska.

Talk about inexplicable.

Now the guessing starts. Maybe you've heard some of it:

--Is she running away from some internal problem she has either with the state or somehow with her family or something? (Always a possibility, clearly).

--Is she setting herself up for a run for President in 2012? And to this I say--God, I hope so. I can't stand hearing her rambling, incoherent speeches and/or her delivery but, hey, the Republican Party will go further down in flames if she's their candidate. Fortunately, some Republicans of the far-right don't know this.

One entry on Associated Press I saw earlier today declared that yesterday's move hurt her and took her out of any possible run for the Presidency. Others certainly think the opposite, that that's just what she's gunning for.

Get this--did you see where contributions for her for that same candidacy have shot up big time in the last 24 hours, since her announcement?

I was stunned.

There really must be some wealthy, very small minority that thinks she's a good candidate for the highest office in the land (world?).

God bless those people and their money. We can all watch her go down in more flames.

I will say, if you haven't watched the 12 minute and 46 second video of that announcement on YouTube or some news channel, you should. It's vintage Palin. She hasn't changed. (Read: hasn't learned anything).

As a side, closing note, I flipped on Faux News yesterday, after Mrs. Palin's announcement, to see what BillO the Clown would say about it. I thought it would give him terrific fodder for his show.

My mistake.

BillO phoned in a pre-recorded show on the biggest Hollywood stars last evening.

Big mistake on Bill's part, I think. Instead of having a big, important show, with breaking material, Billy went on an early Independence Day weekend vacation.

Oops. He missed out and so did his true viewers.

Ah, too bad, huh?

Have a great Independence Day holiday, y'all!

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