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Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's gonna hit the fan in Kansas City now, folks

Sure, there were 62 murders in Kansas City up to today.

And that's 4 over the count at this time last year, right.

But today, everything changed.

Prior to today, not much was said or done about people dying in Kansas City because, frankly, they were mostly African-Americans.

And that's sad.

Horrible, really.

But today, a woman from the Kansas Department of Education was killed.

The fact that it's a woman will add to the troubles.

The fact that she's Caucasian will make bigger news.

The fact that it happened as she was leaving Starlight Theater will really make it much bigger news.

Finally, the fact that she was from Kansas will also add to the situation.

I can see the headlines in the Kansas City Star newspaper tomorrow morning now. It's going to be big and right on the front page.

And that will just be the beginning.

Link to story here:


m.v. said...

it's not about white or woman or whatever. starlight was the only reason for people from other area to venture to this part of town in the dark. I was there on the 4th of july. Now every person who ever attended will think:it could have been me being shot in front of my kid in my car. fuck this.

PFL0W said...

I agree--it's not about whatever color she was at all but all of these factors will add to the situation. That's all I'm saying.
Her color is a factor, to be sure, especially for everyone out in Johnson County who, before this, would have considered coming into town to see something at Starlight but it's not "the factor", by any means.