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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ironies and coincidences

I've always thought that the irony of us wanting cooler summers, with air conditioners, bringing about global warming and climate change was one heck of an irony.

Here we all want to be cool in our homes and as we run our errands in our cars and what happens? It heats up the planet, ultimately, so the longer we try to keep it cooler, the worse it gets.

And that, then, brings me to a wonderful coincidence we can use to solve the pollution/global warming/climate change problems.

To wit, as we get warmer and warmer (it's been in the low 100's in Oklahoma and Texas this week, the more sense it makes to use all that sun and heat on photovoltaic cells to create our electricity.

It just makes sense.

And when you figure in the true costs of fossil fuels, particularly coal (the digging of it, the transportation, the burning and its requisite pollution and carbon dioxide release, at minimum), compared to the cost of these photovoltaic cells, it brings the cost of these cells down hugely.

Think of it--we would no longer need power plants, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is, you could and would generate your energy yourself, on your home. We would all generate our own power.

Think about it. Truly think about it.


It truly could be possible within our own lifetime--and I'm over 50!

A downside? The power companies go out of business.

Somehow, I think I can live with that.

It would free us from coal mining--a foul, dirty, hazardous and frequently deadly job. It could help free us from using Middle Eastern oil, the center of the world's oldest, longest and most heated and insane war.

With that, we should, truly be able to cut our defense budget dramatically (which we should do anyway, but that was--and will be again--another column).

It just makes sense and it's within our grasp.

We need to push our government harder to make it happen and as soon as possible.

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