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Saturday, July 25, 2009

All you really need to know about health care and reform in the US

It seems we can't discuss virtually anything anymore, as a nation and people, without people getting unrealistic and/or emotional and/or ugly, etc., etc., doesn't it?

First, so many of us were furious at what our government was doing--and doing to us--during the previous 8 years in the "W" regime and now people are so upset because, frankly, they say a screaming Liberal, in the worst definition of the word, Socialist and, dare I say it? African-American is now President that too many people just flip out.

There needs to be much more rationality and pure facts out there in our discourse.

And so it particularly is with health care and reform right now in our country.

If President Obama proposed is, they're agin' it, whatever it is.

So let's get some clear, simple, true facts in a short list and keep these in mind in this debate.


1) There are nearly 50 million Americans without health care in this country--and it's not because they choose to be;

2) Our health care system is the most expensive system in the world;

3) We rank 37th, internationally, in mortality rates, proving that the system doesn't work right or well, particularly in lieu of its costs (see no. 2 above)

That's all.

That's all we need to know.

The system is broken, folks.

It's broken for corporations and businesses and individuals, all. It's broken and it's only going to get more expensive, if left unchecked.

Don't kid or fool yourselves, we need health care reform and we need it badly. There have been too many millions of people without health care in this country for entirely too long and the way this economy has gone (thanks in large part to the previous President, in a great deal of people's opinions), there is a high likelihood that many more of us could also end up on the list of people without health care.

To repeat: the system's broken. Badly broken. It needs to be fixed. And the sooner the better.

I'm just sorry the insurance companies, through their lobbyists and requisite money, are in the room, contributing to the "reform."

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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