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Thursday, July 9, 2009

President Obama better put an end to this

President Obama stayed in his hotel room last evening in Moscow, instead of having a ceremonial dinner with his hosts in thr Soviet governmnet.


First, in Washington here at home, the President and his wife went to New York for dinner and a play.

I think people were surprised and there was some grumbling--particularly by Conservatives, Republicans and the Far Right, of course--but I think the American people gave them a pass. After all, they're human and it's a difficult job, right? I think most people figured they'd earned it.

Then, last month, the President and his wife went out on the town in Paris when they were visiting.

Again, the opinion, overall, was one of mostly acceptance.

But this time? I don't know.

The President and his family stayed in their hotel, instead, for dinner and entertainment.


"The first family enjoyed a relaxed evening at the O2 Lounge, the super-chic, super-pricey rooftop club at the new Ritz-Carlton..."

I think the President and First Lady better tone this stuff down, when it comes to the sacrifice of international relations, at minimum.

Mr. Obama's oponents are only too happy to paint a picture of him as someone who spends too much money, puts himself first and ignores the needs of his nation.

I can see it coming now.

And it ain't pretty, Mr. President.


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