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Friday, October 7, 2016

Proof Donald Trump Is Going To Fail Miserably, Completely, Wonderfully

Herewith are just a few examples of why and how Donald Trump is going to fail and fail "yoooge" and miserably this November 8 in our election for the next occupant of the White House.
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There is even a website, for pity's sake.

Republicans Against Trump

This broke yesterday. Even the economy is, thankfully, against him.

It's well known that, if the incumbent President, of the opposing political party is doing well, the outsider, running for the office, again, from the other political party, will not do well. These articles came out a day ago.

The Atlantic magazine came out with not just an endorsement of Hillary Clinton but a rebuke to Donald Trump and his candidacy.

This is only the third time in the magazine's history they've endorsed a candidate for the ofice. The first was for Abraham Lincoln, the second for LBJ.

Not only did they come out strongly for Mrs. Clinton but they said Mr. Trump is "...the most ostentatiously unqualified candidate" for the presidency in the nation's history.

William F. Buckley's old magazine, the very traditional and Conservative "National Review" came out solidly, strongly and clearly against him.

Again, the very Conservative Dallas News newspaper, that never supports Democrats, as a rule, came out squarely for Hillary Clinton. They hadn't endorsed a Democrat for 75 years but did now.

Not to be done there, in Texas, anyway, the also traditionally Republican and very Conservative Houston Chronicle came out for Hillary.

A traditionally always Conservative, Republican-supporting Arizona newspaper came out for Hillary and strongly. Just check out that headline. And as the article states, since the paper began, in 1890, they "have NEVER endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for president" but did now.

Yet another reliably, traditionally Conservative, Republican paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer did the same thing and came out with an endorsement for Mrs. Clinton over Donald Trump.

NPR made a terrific point about all these newspapers coming out for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump, too.

Folks, this just never happens. And by never, I mean it hasn't taken place in endorsements like these in the history of the nation. No candidate for the presidency has had so much lack of support from the very people that should be his own base. But then, no other candidate has been like Donald Trump. No other candidate attacks his own political party and the people in them the way he has and repeatedly.

Finally, there is this terrific, pretty incredible article I only found today, from a young Conservative, berating his Conservative elders, whoever they are, if they endorsed Mr. Trump.

Betrayed by Our Leaders: A Young Conservative Responds to Endorsements of Donald Trump

Briefly but importantly and even wisely, he points out:

The leaders of organizations that have shaped a generation of young conservatives are now endorsing Donald Trump, a man who is the antithesis of the values held by each of these institutions.

This article, from The New Yorker, only came out yesterday and points to how The Donald is failing just now in the polls.

This article came out this afternoon. If true, they're actually pulling ads precisely when he and his team need to be getting them out.

Finally, this story also came out today. We can only hope it's true, that The Donald is still being the petulant, proud, foolish, stubborn person he has shown himself to be.

So if you should see any polls on this race and they show The Donald leading or that the contest is close, ignore it.  Don't ignore the election box that day, November 8 this year. By all means, vote. We cannot take anything for granted. But if anyone says Donald Trump has this won or that it's even close, show them these articles.

It's going to be a thrashing.

Have a nice day folks and get out there and vote!

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