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Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump, Briefly, Succinctly But Completely Described

There is a terrific, brief article out just now describing Donald Trump. And before it's assumed it's from some Left Wing, Liberal, deeply Democratic Party operative, know that the person they're quoting, the person describing The Donald is actually from a GOP consultant, one Rick Wilson. Here's the article.

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Also in brevity, here's the gist of the article:

...the real fatal flaw has just been named by GOP consultant Rick Wilson. “Everything Trump touches dies.” It’s a triumph of concision, summing up perfectly in four words the strange and devastating trail of wreckage he leaves behind him. It turns out that Trump is the Faustian bargain, the homme fatale, the Art of the Deal with the Devil.

Trump has eaten like acid through a wide swath of the Republican Party and many of its leaders, as they are learning too late. Luckily for the rest of us, the pattern is now clear. The kryptonite for Trump is our recognition that Trump is kryptonite to America.

And as proof, coincidentally, take note of an event today.

Trump's own Taj Mahal casino/hotel in Atlantic City closed today. As the article says, his 5th failed casino. And this on top of his 6 bankruptcies.

This is the good to great businessman?

This is the guy they want to lead us? For his business acumen?



Donald Trump bankruptcy: Everything you want to know 

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