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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Question for Republicans: Donald Trump??

A question for Republicans just now.


How in the name of all that is good and sane and intelligent and true is Donald J. Trump your candidate?

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How is he your presidential candidate?

The highest office in the nation. Easily, arguably the most powerful position on the planet, given our nation's economy, relative to the rest of the world alone, but also given that he would be Commander in Chief of the most powerful, expensive, weapons-laden military force in the world?


Let's go over his traits.

He's sexist.

Former Donald Trump Executive: 

'He's a Supreme Sexist'

Donald Trump’s Unconscious, Unending Sexism

He's misogynist.

Donald Trump has one core philosophy: 


He's deeply, deeply racist.

Here Are 13 Examples Of Donald Trump 

Being Racist

He's homophobic.

Trump courts the homophobes

He's a simpleton, frankly.

Donald Trump speaks like a sixth-grader

He's wrong about any number of topics, both national and international.

He has courted and even praised Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin.

He's a widely known and repeated liar, publicly and privately.

Donald Trump's 'Big Liar' Technique

With all his bankruptcies--is it 4 or 6?--he's a horrible businessman. And that's supposed to be one of his BEST traits.

And geez, he's even fighting you all. He's fighting what is supposed to be his own political party.

And he's been doing it through the entire campaign. This next link is from back in May of this year.

And with all that, rather understandably, there are plenty, plenty of you who cannot and do not support Mr. Trump, your own candidate.

More Than 160 Republican Leaders Don't 

Support Donald Trump

So much of him and his candidacy is unparalleled, unprecedented in the history of our nation, it's so bad and apparent.

It's one thing if you all did this to yourselves but you're proposing to do this, to unleash him, on the rest of us, on the entire nation. Heck you're proposing unleashing this deeply dangerous man on the world.

Truth be told, at this point, even given all the above, I could go on about him, about Trump and what other, additional, ugly, negative traits he has but for now, here, I'll stop with these.

About what other candidate for the presidency of our nation could this have ever been said? One of them, maybe but all of them? There's no one, no one. Go all the way through our history, no presidential candidate has ever been this phenomenally bad and/or so unfit for this office.  Again, no one.  Warren G. Harding, bad as he turned out to be wasn't this bad.

So I ask you Republicans---how in the love of God and nation and all that is good is this your candidate for the presidency of our United States?  We all know how we got here but how could you let this happen? And a lot of you aren't even apologetic about it. A lot of you are STILL supporting this man.

We know you've all been "party firsters", putting the success of your political party ahead of the nation's best interests and for years. It's obvious. For the last nearly 8 years, you've obstructed anything and everything our twice-elected President has put forward, nation and people be damned, because you wanted your party to somehow "come out on top." Sure. That's obvious.

But none of us thought you would go this far or this low, to even propose, let alone try to elect someone of Donald Trump's character and low abilities to the highest office in our nation.

No one.  We no way thought you would go this far. Heck Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush weren't this bad.  (Well, truth be told, Sarah Palin was this bad but she was only the Vice Presidential candidate and we knew those two didn't have a chance).

So please, now, at this point, we're only 28 days away from this election, again, for the love of God, will you please, please all come back from the brink and somehow, somehow fix this? Take Trump off your ticket, put in someone else, admit defeat, give it up, lose this election and let's all move on. It's for even your own good but especially for the good of the nation.

And yes, we know you won't do it but we're this desperate. We thought we'd ask, anyway.

So here's a thought. Once Mr. Trump is beaten so badly, so thoroughly this November 8 in the polls, once he and all of you are cast out (and frankly disgraced, once you see the votes against him and you), as you most surely will be, won't you all join us back in the world of sanity and, again, intelligence? Won't you, once again, work for the better of the entire nation and not just your political party? Please? You used to compromise and work together with others, with (shudder), Democrats.

It would be good for all the people, sure, but heck, it would even be good for you, good for your party, good for your brand. You used to be for Unions and higher wages and and the middle- and lower-classes and Social Security and just, all around, the good and growth and health of ALL the people, not just the already-wealthy and corporations.

Won't you join us?



Tom Degan said...

A very well thought out piece, Kevin. As good. As anything I've read in quite a while. Bravo!

Mo Rage said...

Thanks, Tom. Coming from you, I consider it high praise, indeed.

For any reading (either of you), here's Tom's blog site.

"The Rant" by Tom Degan