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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why Donald Trump Is Going To Lose

Herewith, then, is why, exactly, Donald J. Trump is going to lose in this presidential election he's spent so much time and energy and money on.

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The 282 People, Places and Things 

Donald Trump Has Insulted

The New York Times, God love 'em, have put together this seemingly comprehensive list of 282 different, as it says, people, places and things he has insulted during this long, even torturous campaign.

For everyone else in a political campaign, the goal is to get people to like you. The goal is to say just the right things, to not alienate any more than you absolutely must.

Not for one Donald Trump.

He says what he thinks, if he thinks at all and the small group of his followers that there are, like him for it. 

It's stunning.

And not only does he insult people but, of course, he's never held a government position before, he has no experience for the job whatever, he knows little to nothing of international politics and government and he's offended people internationally. Check out the people in the world who reject him.

That one is stunning, all by itself. One of our historically closest allies and they already discussed in Parliament, at the highest levels in their nation, a ban on a candidate for our presidency. What's that tell you?

More from international opinion:

Note this next article is from the UK:

Heck, people in his own political party are publicly concerned about a Donald Trump presidency.

And why wouldn't they be concerned?  Of those 282 insults from the original article, above, some of those insults went out to people in his own political party. It's unheard of.

Fortunately for us Americans---and the rest of the world---it's as I've written here before. Fortunately and thank goodness, there is just no way Mr. Trump can or will win this race. He's alienated far too many people, again, including those who should be, heck, want to be on his side. So there's this:

Thank God.

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