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Thursday, October 27, 2016

We Have To Let Republicans Know This Is Unacceptable

So we're on the verge of electing the first female president and already, it seems some Republicans have learned nothing. I just saw this article.

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They just don't get it.

They did this with Bill Clinton, the entire time he was in office. It got them nothing.  Worse, it wasted time, energy and millions of our American tax dollars. They've been obstructing President Obama these full 8 years and that got them and the nation nothing.

Check out these headlines.

GOP Congressman Already Floating 

Impeachment For Hillary Clinton

They just don't get it.

They themselves got nothing, nothing whatever, out of their 7--count them, 7 Benghazi investigations. Nothing. There was no crime, no guilt. 

Meanwhile, not only did America and Americans get nothing from all these investigations, we blew through millions of dollars, again, and wasted time, energy and effort that could and should have otherwise been spent on America's issues.

They just seem intent on not learning.

It's also rumored that these Republicans intend to block any and all candidates for the Supreme Court Mrs. Clinton will propose, also.

They seem clearly intent on putting their political party first, to hell with the American people and our national issues and problems and possible solutions.

This has to stop.  And we must demand it. We have to get on to the solutions to the nation's and people's issues.

Write your government representatives. Tell them the time and day for gridlock and obstruction and their "party first" is over.

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