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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Congratulations to Bob Dylan

Yes, congratulations today to singer, songwriter, poet Bob Dylan on winning this year's Nobel Prize for Literature.

I didn't see that coming, that's for sure.

For the kids out there who either don't know him or his music and writing and for the rest of us who do andn enjoyed it then to now, three of his classics.

It surely was a different time. It was my childhood but now, looking at these videos, in black and white, and seeing all the street scenes and clothes, etc., it sure looks like a long time ago. (Ow).

(What's with the two guys on the left, in the background?)

(And what's with the cars driving at night with their headlights off?)

Here is a very young Pete Seeger (Google him, kids), introducing Bob Dylan.

Have a great day out there, folks. Maybe have a poetic day.


Byron Funkhouser said...

I used to work for Cellular One in the Southeast Regional Office in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the local concert venues gave us some complimentary tickets to give to our customers. (This was back when cell phones were called car phones & cost about $1,000 a piece.) However, the person they gave them to just kept them for himself. Eventually, the misappropriation was discovered & the remaining tickets came into the possession of the appropriate manager. Some of the events were too soon to actually be given to new customers, so she was going to give these to any of the employees who wanted them.

On a cigarette break, the women of the office were talking excitedly about a circus that was in town & hoping for some tickets to this event. I was just standing off a little to the side & just watching. But, at one point I spoke up with what I thought was a joking remark, "Hey, do you have any tickets to the Bob Dylan concert?" She gave me a grin & said, "Yeah, here's two tickets, second row center."

I shared the other ticket with my younger brother, Eric, who was also a huge Bob Dylan fan. We were so close that when he started playing "All Along the Watchtower", our favorite song, we both jumped up with a hoot & a holler. Bob's eyes (which really were "bluer than robins's eggs") got big & he took a startled step back. My youngest brother is only 6' 5", but with a heavy build, & little Bob was LITTLE. I'm sorry to say that I think we scared him.

Absolutely my best experience from my brief tenure with Corporate America. I still have more Bob Dylan songs on my play list than anyone else, except for my girl, Melanie.

Mo Rage said...

Great, fun story. Great memories, for sure. Good for you. Thanks for sharing it.