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Monday, October 10, 2016

One More Debate?

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After these two debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Cliinton, what, now, is left to say? Okay, sure, they haven't really touched on climate change or equal rights for LGBTQ citizens or voter ID laws and no doubt a long list of other subjects but what, really, will be said or revealed in the next and final debate between these two?

Unless there's yet one--two? more?--horrific revelations about Trump that comes out between now and then, don't you expect we'll get more of the same from them in this last debate?

Mrs. Clinton will be facts and details with some history thrown in and he'll be the prancing, stalking, evading, emotional disaster he always is.

My question:

What will actually be revealed?

If people can still be behind the lying, bankrupting, shallow, racist, misogynistic, sexist, immature, irresponsible 70 year old that he is, given all that's been revealed on him, what hope is there anyone will change their minds?

And how could anyone be an undecided voter at this point?

What the hell else does one need to learn?


Sevesteen said...

What the hell else does one need to learn?

How about what at least one other party actually stands for? That there are alternatives to these two clowns? That there are some new ideas?

...except the debate commission was established by the Democrats and Republicans, with artificially high barriers for third party entry. I understand that you can't have 75 people debating, but the top 3 or 4 would be amazing.

Mo Rage said...

Well, yes, but we know all that. They've made the rules so it's their game. I surely isn't going to change any time soon with more Republicans in there. Not that Democrats want that to change, either.

Mo Rage said...

Clearly we'll have to work outside their system to make anything work.

Senator Sanders is as close as we've come in a long, long time.

Mo Rage said...

Right now, the third parties need a good candidate, of course, and Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are certainly not it.