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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The sad state of the Baby Lisa case

It was announced earlier in the week that the "Kansas City police have abandoned the active search for baby Lisa Irwin. KMBC reported on its live blog Thursday at 7:08 p.m.: 'Kansas City police said they are not actively searching for 11-month-old Lisa Irwin. Police also said the parents still are not cooperating in the investigation.'" This according to Yahoo! News (link below). The Kansas City Police Department--and then KMBC-- followed that up with a story saying that's patently untrue. All this on the one month anniversary of Lisa's disappearance. The whole thing is just so sad. Besides the fact that the case has led to a stall, it seems there are two things, from the Yahoo! News article, that are paramount. First, there is the possibility of the mom in the case being charged with something or other: "The missing link in this picture of how drunk Bradley may have become and when is Samantha Brando who hasn't spoken publicly about the case. Samantha Brando was at the home about the same time as Netz and stayed until 10:30 p.m. If Brando's recollection of Bradley's drunkenness mirrors Netz' and the physical evidence at the house supports their statements, Bradley could potentially face child endangerment charges. She had three young children in her care that night, her son 5, Jeremy Irwin's son, 8, both watching television in the house, and baby Lisa. Brando's 4-year-old daughter was with the boys." Second, and finally, there is this: "If Bradley and Irwin want baby Lisa to be found, the police declaring the Lisa Irwin investigation inactive could break the impasse between the family's lawyers and investigators over unrestricted interviews. Police want to speak to the baby's parents individually and also want trained social workers to interview their respective sons. If Bradley and Irwin continue to refuse interviews, they risk creating the public impression that they don't want the investigation into their daughter's disappearance to go on. They are now publicly on notice that the police have run out of leads on where the baby or her body might be and need their cooperation to develop new ones." For two innocent people, the parents of Lisa Irwin surely act oddly, don't they? The whole thing is just some kind of weird, unfortunate--and sad. One last note: in yet one more creepy, sad note in the case, November 11 would be baby Lisa's birthday. Links:;;;

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