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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blog predicting gang attacks on Plaza is wrong...

Yet again. You know the one. THAT blog. The one who predicts gangs attacking, etc.. etc. The one written by the guy so full of himself. NO, the other guy and his blog. Yeah, THAT one.


Nick said...

Alonzo has not been correct about anything in years.

Same goes for his little fluffer, tkc.

Mo Rage said...

To be clear, this has nothing whatever to do with anyone's color--in any way. It wouldn't matter to me if Alonzo or Tony or anyone else is white, brown, black, red, yellow or green. This pointed out, correctly, that Alonzo was wrong, period. That and that he--and Tony--are both full of themselves. That's all. When I'm wrong here, people can and will, I'm sure, point that out, too. More power to 'em. More power to all of us.