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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Next up (again/still): Congress' debt deal

The next item on Congress' agenda is the fact that they still need to do a debt deal since their "super committee" was anything but. We're supposed to have cuts of at least $1.2 trillion in the next 10 years. It is also supposed to be in place to begin in 2013. As of yesterday, "Fitch Ratings gave the United States until 2013 to come up with a "credible plan" to tackle its ballooning budget deficit before it downgrades the country's coveted AAA rating." So this needs to happen and Congress better make it happen. No political party should use this by not letting a compromise take place, just so their candidates can more likely win. We've had inaction and logjams and an inability to compromise from these people far too long. Congress--we need you to do your job. Get to it. Link:

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