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Monday, November 28, 2011

Question--and hope--for The Star

I hope someone down at The Star is--or will be--following arts funding from the private sector in Kansas, since very conservative, Republican Governor Sam Brownback very famously--infamously?--killed the Arts Commission in the state. It would be very informative on the local, Kansas, turf but also on a more national scale, too. If the Governor is right about this and the arts thrive without state and federal support, terrific. Let's let him have his "win." If, on the other hand, the arts funding and so, the arts, in Kansas decreases and suffers with his move, we should know and see that, too. For instance, there is this: The Kansas Arts Commission "...still exists, but it has no budget or staff. The foundation started by Brownback has yet to divulge how much money has been raised. The governor pledged to donate a portion of money left over from the inaugural celebration to the foundation, but the fledgling organization doesn't appear to have distributed any money." That alone would be good to know but there are bigger questions here, too, like the role of government in the arts, etc. It would make for a story Kansans should know and that would serve the Star's readers--and the Star--very well. How 'bout it, Star? Link:

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