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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great article right now on the childish Kansas Governor Brownback

I love this. Kansas Governor Sam "I'm a baby" Brownback is getting national coverage now for "tattling"--their word--on the student from Shawnee Mission High School who tweeted about him from school earlier this week: Kansas governor tattles on teen's rude tweet "The governor of Kansas faced an online trashing Friday for tattling on a teenaged girl who sent out a critical tweet during a visit to the state capitol." A huge irony in it, to me, is that Brownback "said I had created this huge controversy and everyone was up in arms about it... and now he had to do damage control." The fact is, if the Guv hadn't said or done anything about this, the story wouldn't have the "legs" it does today--no one would be writing or talking about it, the git. Unfortunately, according to the article, the school's administrators are going to waste yet more time on this Monday, too, when school reopens. Check out this quote from a spokesperson for the school: "Students may express their personal beliefs, views, and opinions, as long as they do so appropriately and in accordance with school policies." That's like saying students can say anything they want and have free speech in America--or Kansas--as long as they don't say certain things, as long as they are censored. All I can say now is, enjoy your ignominious fame, Sam, you short-sighted, free-speech-hating old Scrooge. Besides hating the arts, we now know you for hating the First Amendment of the Constitution, too. You gave this young lady and student, as well as your constituents quite an education on all these issues and how you stand on them now, huh? You pea-brain. Links:; If you'd like to support the student--on Facebook--go here:

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